6 reasons for getting fat that you can’t imagine


When many people are in a bad mood, they tend to eat and drink to anaesthetize themselves, and loneliness has been proved to be more closely related to weight gain. A new study published in the journal hormone and behavior shows that after eating, people who feel lonely will secrete more brain gut peptide commonly known as “hunger hormone”, which will make them hungry faster, eat more, and eventually become fatter.


A summary involving more than 600 studies found that after marriage, couples who share food, go out to dinner, and share a meal for two will all lead to eating more, and both parties will no longer strive to exercise and keep fit in order to please each other as they did before marriage.

food restriction

A study in the Journal of eating disorders pointed out that if you are forcibly restricted from doing something, it will stimulate people’s rebellious psychology and cause rebound.

Taking diet as an example, not eating a lot will make people eager to eat more, thus obtaining psychological comfort, which is determined by the reward mechanism of the brain.

This is why many people fail in dieting. If you are on a diet or restricted, you can eat at least one big meal a week to release your hunger for food.


When people are anxious, if the body is under heavy pressure, they will force people to eat more to relax. Research shows that anxiety is one of the most important factors significantly related to weight gain. In fact, two-thirds of people with eating disorders also have anxiety problems of varying degrees.


Once the human body feels stressed, it will stimulate adrenaline secretion. This hormone will “squeeze” the fatty acids in fat cells into the blood for energy to cope with stress. At the same time, another hormone cortisol will store the unused fatty acids in the blood in the abdomen.


When a person has nothing to do, he will lose the ability to choose food rationally. A new study in the Journal of health psychology shows that boredom will make people emotional in eating, make wrong decisions in choosing food, and eat more “junk food” that induces obesity than normal. Many people are asked why they eat snacks, and the answer is “because of boredom”.

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