Having nightmares occasionally is good for health

We have all had similar experiences, such as being chased, attacked in our sleep, or facing a very scary scene until we woke up in panic. Nightmares are annoying, but the Huffington Post reported that a new study said that these nightmares may have a very important impact on human mental health.

Some researchers in the field of sleep have found that nightmares can release people’s stress and anxiety when they are awake. The researchers explained that things that worry people when they are awake will continue to interfere after they fall asleep. Thus, the brain unconsciously acquires these abstract fears and transforms them into nightmares in the form of stories.

The essence of nightmare is to acquire fear and turn it into a memory. This is very useful because memory is easier for the brain to process, and it represents something that happened in the past, rather than the vague worries surrounding people. Therefore, if you belong to the 8% of adults who sometimes experience nightmares but do not cause trouble in daily life, then please do not worry. It is just a way for the brain to help you share your worries.

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