Can toothache be caused by coronary heart disease?

Toothache is not always caused by tooth disease. Toothache is very common, especially in the middle-aged and old people. Although toothache is a common symptom of many dental diseases, toothache is not always caused by dental diseases, but often caused by other causes.


Some people suffering from neurasthenia have more sensitive dental nerves than ordinary people. When they are stimulated by the outside world, toothache can also occur. Since toothache is not always caused by dental diseases, when a person has toothache, he should not only think of dental diseases, but also be alert to other diseases, so as not to delay the opportunity of treatment and cause adverse consequences.


The rise of blood pressure can cause peripheral arteriosclerosis. If spasm occurs, it can cause gingival bleeding, insufficient nutrition of dental tissue, and toothache.

Maxillary sinusitis

The maxillary sinus is one of the paranasal sinuses, located close to the upper teeth. When it is inflamed, it can affect the teeth and cause toothache.

Trigeminal neuralgia

Trigeminal nerve is the facial sensory nerve. When one side of the lower branch of the trigeminal nerve has pain, it looks like toothache. The pain is intense and unbearable, showing jumping pain or stinging pain, which is much worse than ordinary toothache.


It is caused by influenza virus and often invades the respiratory system. If it invades the oral mucosa, it will cause paroxysmal swelling and pain of teeth.

coronary heart disease

Some patients with coronary heart disease have angina pectoris. The symptoms of the heart are not very obvious, but one side or more teeth above and below are painful at the same time. This kind of toothache will be misdiagnosed if treated as a dental disease. Taking nitroglycerin will alleviate the symptoms quickly.

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