Which floor are you on in the sports pyramid?

the first floor is the bottom of the tower, mainly composed of daily activities.

For example, walking, climbing stairs, housework and walking dogs. Some people feel very tired to take a special time out to exercise, so they should make good use of their daily activities.

Remember this sentence: sitting is better than sleeping, standing is better than sitting, and walking is better than standing. It is recommended to walk at least 6000-10000 steps every day.

the second layer: low intensity aerobic exercise and recreational exercise

3-5 times a week is appropriate. Aerobic exercise can improve cardiovascular health and cardiopulmonary function. Exercise intensity should be measured according to age, gender, physique and other factors, and gradually.

Low intensity aerobic exercise includes running, cycling, swimming and fast walking. Recreational sports include basketball, tennis, mountaineering, etc. Exercise diversification can prevent exercise boredom or anticlimactic, and also achieve good fitness effect.

the third level: strength training and flexibility activities account for half of the total

2-3 times a week. Strength training can enhance muscle strength, improve bone mineral density and prevent accidental injury. Flexibility activities can relieve muscle tension, improve body flexibility and coordination flexibility.

Push ups, sit ups, pull ups and other strength training as well as flexibility exercises such as hand shaking, static stretching and yoga are good choices.

the spire of the fourth pyramid is a static activity.

For example, watching TV, surfing the Internet and sitting for a long time. In daily activities, the proportion of this part should be minimized. The American Sports Medical Association pointed out that moderate rest is necessary, but static activities should be controlled within 2 hours a day as far as possible.

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