Foot pain? The body hides many diseases

Foot pain may not only be caused by walking or standing for a long time. The American Football Association (APMA) reminds us that we must not take things lightly in this situation. Some foot pain, especially those that last for several days or even weeks, may be signs of certain diseases, such as vascular disease, diabetes, and even cancer.

Swelling and pain

Hypertension and osteoporosis. Dr. Jennifer Fong Schwartz, spokesman of the American Football Association, said that it is normal for women to have swelling of their feet when they are 30-40 years old or during their menstruation, so some doctors will ignore it. However, swelling is usually related to high blood pressure, and osteoporosis has been detected in some patients.


Peripheral vascular disease. If there is colic in the leg or foot at night, it means that there may be a problem with the vascular system. This is because blockages in blood vessels prevent blood from reaching muscle tissue.

Dr Hilary Brenner, from the Israeli hospital, also said: “patients with peripheral vascular disease will first feel burning or numbness in the toe, and then cause neurological diseases.”

Burning sensation

Diabetes. If you feel burning or pain in your feet, it may be a manifestation of type 2 diabetes. Diabetes makes the skin thinner, so the skin is easy to abrade. If there is a cut, it will take a long time to heal.


“Some patients with foot pain may have cancer. Recently, a patient complained of Achilles tendinitis. However, an MRI examination found that it was actually a tumor in the Achilles tendon.” Brenner added.

Keep moving your ankles to lower blood pressure

According to traditional Chinese medicine, the foot is the second heart of a person, and the ankle is an important gateway for blood flow between the left and right feet.

If the ankle is soft and elastic, the venous blood returning to the heart can pass through the ankle smoothly; If the ankles are old and stiff, the venous blood returning to the heart will stagnate around the ankles like a “traffic jam”, which will increase the burden on the heart and increase the risk of high blood pressure in the long run. Moreover, the blood circulation in the ankle is not smooth, which is not conducive to the improvement of the condition of people who have high blood pressure.

Therefore, by doing gymnastics or massage, the ankles can be changed from stiff to soft and flexible, especially for the elderly, which can not only make the blood flow smoothly through the ankles, but also alleviate the symptoms of hypertension.

How should old people move their feet

Considering that the elderly need simple and safe exercise. It is recommended that the elderly do the following movements when moving their ankles.

Move your ankles up and down

Sit on a chair or bed, one foot on the ground, the other foot slightly straightened, and move your ankles and soles with breathing. That is, when exhaling, press your toes down as much as possible, and when inhaling, hook your toes up as much as possible. The breathing speed should not be too fast. Do it 10 times on both feet (no limit for more).

Rotate ankle

Lift the left foot and place it on the right thigh in a cross legged posture, with the standard that the fingers of the right hand can easily hold the left toe. Then hold the upper part of the left ankle with your left hand so that the ankle will not move. Hold the forefoot of your left foot with your right hand, rotate it to the left and right for 10 times, and then change your right foot to do it.

Straighten your ankles

Sit on your knees with the instep of your feet facing down and your upper body slowly leaning back to stretch the muscles at the front of your ankles (your ankles are very sour at the moment), and keep this position for about 1 minute (or longer).

Strengthen ankles

The elderly can stand on steps or wooden boards, with the front 1 / 3 of their toes touching the ground and the remaining 2 / 3 standing in the air. In order to strengthen the strength of the ankle, you can stand on tiptoe and put it down; Stand on tiptoe again and put it down again, 10 times in total.

These movements are simple and easy to learn, and the position and strength are not as accurate as the requirements of traditional Chinese medicine massage. As long as the ankles feel comfortable and slightly hot, they can play a role. The elderly can choose to exercise their ankles regularly every morning and evening, after a long walk, or before and after going to bed, according to their own conditions, and they should adhere to it for a long time.

Hand and foot numbness check blood sugar

In the outpatient department, about 30% of patients come to the endocrinology department to see if they have diabetes because of foreign body sensation, chills, burning sensation, acupuncture like pain and other complications of diabetes in the limbs. If the patient delays seeing a doctor, the symptoms will become more and more obvious, the condition of diabetes will gradually worsen, and even lead to peripheral vascular diseases combined with diabetes, leading to the occurrence of diabetes foot.

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