Men’s whitening is easy to fall into five misunderstandings

Myth 1: don’t use cleansing products in the morning

For some men, they may have cleaned their faces when taking a bath at night, so after getting up in the morning, they only need to clean their faces with water, and do not need to spend time cleaning their skin. Such an idea is very wrong. Because the skin has been metabolizing all night, the face is not as clean as expected.

Therefore, after getting up in the morning, you should still use cleansing products to clean your face normally and thoroughly clean the oil stain on your face. Especially for some men with oily skin, incomplete cleaning can easily lead to clogging of pores and skin diseases. At the same time, we also need to do a good job in moisturizing the skin.

Myth 2: it’s easy to dry with towel after use

After you wash your face every time, do you use a towel to dry the water on your face? This is much easier than letting the moisture naturally dry. However, when you rub your face vigorously with a towel, it will cause great irritation to the skin, and it is easy to grow fine lines.

So after washing your face, if you don’t want your face to be wet, you can put a towel or tissue paper on your face and gently press it. This can also absorb the moisture on your face, but avoid pulling and hurting your skin.

Myth 3: skin care products are crowded too much, so putting them back won’t waste them

Men are careless. When they squeeze out skin care products, they can easily squeeze out a lot of them. It will be too oily to apply all of them to their faces, and it will cause wasteful behavior to wipe them off with paper towels. What shall I do? Put them back in the bottle so that they won’t cause waste. Yes, this kind of behavior does not seem to be wasteful, but in fact, the result of your doing this is to pollute the whole bottle of skin care products, which is a greater wasteful behavior. The use of unclean skin care products will cause the user’s skin to become rough or pigmented. In addition, pay attention to ensure that your fingers are clean every time you apply it. Don’t use unclean fingers to pick up the product in the bottle. After use, if there is residual skin care products at the bottle mouth, wipe it with a paper towel and then cover it

Myth 4: the longer you massage the face, the better

When cleaning the face, massage the face with your fingers, so the longer the massage time, the better the skin’s condition? This must be determined according to skin quality, skin condition and age. The massage time for neutral skin should be about 10 minutes, the massage time for dry skin should be about 10-15 minutes, and the massage time for oily skin should be controlled within 10 minutes. Avoid massage for allergic skin.

Myth 5: recharge your girlfriend’s and mother’s care products.

wrong! The physiological structure of men and women is different, even the thickness of skin, the size of pores, the degree of oil production, and the condition of skin predisposition are different. Although the purpose of facial care products is to make the skin healthier, for men, the skin of different ages needs different nutrients, and the care products used by mothers may be too moisturizing for their sons, while the care products used by most young women mainly focus on whitening or removing spots. However, because there are differences in the thickness of the faces of men and women, even if the two people have the same needs, the effect is still very limited. At the same time, women’s cream care products contain more oil, which is a great burden on male skin with serious oil discharge.

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