Women must be alert to health minefields

With the growth of age, health has become a topic we are more and more concerned about, and health care has become a word we often talk about. Especially for women, when their youth begins with three words, when love has settled, when their career is getting better, and when their bodies have entered an eventful autumn, it is the top priority to fully understand their own bodies and master women’s unique health weaknesses.

female ligaments are naturally fragile

Medical experts remind women to be careful not to get hurt, because compared with men, women are more likely to pull the ligaments of knee, ankle and other joints. Once the ligament is strained, it will take several months to heal. Doctors believe that this may be because the broad hips of women make the ligaments of the knees and ankles bear more force, and the ligaments of women are naturally much more fragile than those of men.


1. Don’t forget to stretch the whole body after getting up every day. It can wake up the muscles and soften the tendons, ligaments and joints.

2. The hormone level in a woman’s body changes after pregnancy, causing joint ligaments to relax. Therefore, women should reasonably arrange their work and life during pregnancy, take appropriate activities and rest more, do less or avoid heavy physical labor as far as possible, and do not make ligaments that are already in an abnormal period worse because of tiredness and unnecessary intense activities.

3. Women have poor stress when they look at the side, which is easy to cause muscle strain and ligament strain. Therefore, they choose various sports activities dominated by leg activities. The flexibility of the belts of table tennis, badminton, swimming, skating, aerobics and so on makes the legs slender.

the incidence of breast cancer remains high

Relevant data show that breast cancer has risen to the top of female tumors and become the number one killer threatening women’s health. Most patients accidentally find a lump on one side of the breast when they are bathing, changing clothes or touching their breasts. A few are found by doctors during physical examination in the unit.

Generally speaking, malignant tumors have irregular shape, unclear boundary, limited activity and unsmooth surface, while benign tumors have the opposite. These lumps began to be small and gradually grew up. When the breast skin shows orange skin like changes or dimples, it indicates that the disease has reached a late stage.

Countermeasures 1. Avoid using hot water to stimulate the breast when taking a bath, let alone soaking in hot water for a long time. The best sleeping posture is supine, so as not to squeeze the breast sideways. Choose a bra so as not to make the breast feel oppressive.

2. Eating fish, meat and dairy products in moderation can increase a small amount of fat, supply sufficient nutrition to the breast, and keep it plump.

3. Pay special attention to breast health care in special stages such as puberty, menstruation and pregnancy, so as to pass the “troubled autumn” safely.

4. Women aged 20-39 should have breast self-examination once a month and breast physical examination once every three years (women over 35 years old should have a basic mammogram).

The best time for self-examination is 9-11 days after menstruation every month, because at this time, the breast is relatively soft and it is easy to find lesions. During breast self-examination, it should be carried out according to the method instructed by the doctor, so as to avoid mistaking normal breast tissue for a mass and causing unnecessary panic.

minor gastrointestinal disorders cannot be ignored

Experiments have proved that even if men and women eat the same amount of food, women have to spend much more time digesting it than men. Women are prone to chronic constipation and intestinal diseases, which are twice and three times more likely than men.

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