The male heart is very fragile and needs careful maintenance

Men who seem to be strong are outstanding and successful in society. As the backbone of the family, they bear more pressure and responsibility than women. But from a health point of view, men’s hearts are more fragile than women’s.

According to a recent report on the US “Health Day” website, a new study by the National University of Ireland shows that among patients with angina pectoris, men have a worse prognosis than women; Moreover, men are also more likely to have serious heart disease than women.

There has been a long-standing discussion that men’s hearts are more fragile. According to the World Health Organization’s epidemiological survey “MONICA Project”, the probability of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases in Chinese women is 37 / 100000, and that in men is 79 / 100000, more than twice that of women.

From the perspective of the number of patients, among the young and middle-aged patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, men are significantly more than women. Clinically, the majority of coronary heart disease patients under 65 years old are men; After the age of 80, the proportion of men and women is getting closer and closer. Moreover, the characteristics of male patients are: even if the condition is fierce, as long as the rescue is timely, the prognosis will be good; If the rescue is not timely, it is very easy to have myocardial infarction and die suddenly.

A total of 1785 people participated in the study of the National University of Ireland. They were all diagnosed with angina just before the study began. The results show that within five years after diagnosis, male patients are twice as likely to have myocardial infarction and three times as likely to die of cardiac death as women.

One of the researchers, Brian? Barkley said: “as early as 10 years ago, doctors began to discuss the difference in the incidence rate of heart disease between men and women. Although the exact cause has not been found so far, the negative impact of lifestyle on heart health is beyond doubt.”

Hypertension, diabetes, dyslipidemia and other basic diseases, unhealthy lifestyles such as smoking, obesity and inactivity, as well as long-term overwork and high mental tension, are all the inducements that lead to the high incidence of coronary heart disease in young and middle-aged men.

Studies have shown that after normal men quit smoking for 5 years, their risk of heart disease will decrease by 50% – 70%. Men who exercise regularly are 45% less likely to have heart disease than those who do not exercise. Men who are fit and healthy will have a 35% – 55% lower chance of heart disease.

“Clinically, most of the patients with high blood pressure are male, and those in their 40s and 50s with loose bellies and smoking can be seen everywhere. These are the triggers of male cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.” In addition, excessive tension and pressure will affect the regulation of the central nervous system, resulting in increased cardiac load and increased frequency of atrial fibrillation. Overwork may also lead to viral myocarditis. In recent years, the incidence rate of this disease is also increasing year by year.

“It should be emphasized that regular exercise is a good thing, but it can’t be excessive or too long. Sudden vigorous exercise will increase the cardiovascular burden and cause accidental injury due to poor coordination of muscles and bones.” Zhang Fuchun said.

It is understood that as far as the United States is concerned, cardiovascular diseases pose the greatest threat to men’s health. Therefore, in some western countries, people call cardiovascular diseases “male diseases”, and 80% of cardiovascular diseases occur in men. The death rate of cardiovascular diseases also ranks first in the United States for seven consecutive years.

The medical community believes that the first thing for men to be healthy is to prevent cardiovascular diseases.

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