A change in skin color indicates a problem

The different colors of your skin will remind you of the health of your skin and body. Healthy skin should be glossy, delicate, ruddy, soft and elastic at the same time.

Dr. Song Ping, dermatologist of Guang’anmen Hospital, Chinese Academy of traditional Chinese medicine, said that the color and luster of skin can reflect the nutrition of skin and the health of internal organs, which can be said to be an alarm for our body.

Beware of diseases hidden by abnormal skin color

Dark yellow alarm – spleen stomach incompatibility toxin

Dark yellow and gray skin color is common among urban women. The physical problems predicted by dark yellow cannot be ignored.

Color analysis

The dark yellow of your skin is a direct reflection of your heavy pressure and accumulation of toxins in your body recently. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, the dark yellow and gray color of the skin also reflects the incompatibility of the spleen and stomach in the body. Song Ping said that once professional women get busy, they have no regular time and reasonable nutrition for eating, which is easy to cause spleen stomach disharmony, anemia and other problems.

Especially in the case of indigestion and blood demand, the most basic daily supply cannot be reached, and the skin cannot get nutrition. If you are sentimental and worried again, you will “hurt your spleen by thinking”, so that your skin will gradually become dim and yellow.

therapeutic method

If the dark yellow skin has lasted for a long time, you need to start from the inside, starting from regulating the spleen and stomach.

Drink as much water as possible every day to clean your intestines and stomach. Even if it is difficult to eat on time, you should at least ensure the quality of your diet. We must reduce the number and amount of greasy and sweet foods. Buddha can easily hurt the spleen and stomach. While eating more vegetables and fruits, you can appropriately eat some lean meat, nuts and bean products.

At the same time, we should be more careful with our external skin. Reduce the use of cosmetics, especially thick foundation make-up, and pay special attention to thoroughly cleaning and moisturizing the skin. Because the dark yellow skin is seriously short of water, it is necessary to use moisturizing and moisturizing products when washing and bathing, and to apply steam or towels to the face.

In addition, whether for diet or external use, you should take vitamins as much as possible. For example, vitamin C can inhibit pigmentation and eliminate toxins in skin tissues; Vitamin E can resist the invasion of free radicals to the skin and make the blood in the skin bright and clean; Vitamin A can change the aging skin and dull complexion.

Grayish black alarm – kidney deficiency, aging and easy to grow spots

The darker and darker the skin, the more serious the problem will be. If dark yellow skin is only an intermediate alarm, then if you look carefully in the mirror, you will find that the skin color is very dirty recently, gray and even black, and there are always some deep and shallow spots on your face. At this time, the skin problem is quite serious.

Color analysis

The grayish black skin reminds you that it is gradually losing vitality. Free radicals generated by sunlight, pollution, physical and psychological pressure hinder the normal metabolism of the skin itself and are accelerating the aging of the skin.

Changpo UVA in ultraviolet rays is very harmful to skin, especially in spring. Many people do not pay attention to sun protection in spring, and even spend a long time in the sun. Song Ping said that a very important reason for skin aging and loss of vitality is due to ultraviolet radiation for a long time. Even if people who work indoors do not pay attention to sunscreen, UVA will still refract through the glass and hurt their skin. The grayish black skin is a reflection of kidney deficiency.

therapeutic method

For women, no matter how bad they are, how stressed they are and how late they stay up, cigarettes and coffee are never advisable. Their harm to the skin is subtle. You may as well get into the habit of drinking green tea, especially in this weather, which can relax and refresh your mind, and also clear your intestines and detoxify. At the same time of detoxification, you may as well cook a pot of Huoxue Bushen soup yourself, add rehmannia, angelica, wolfberry, black sesame, mulberry, etc., and drink it 3-4 times a week, so that the skin color will be significantly improved.

While warming and tonifying the body, we should also strengthen the skin barrier. On sunny days, we must protect ourselves from sun. When you go out, you can choose a sunscreen that protects against UVA and UVB at the same time. If it’s a sunny office environment, you can also apply a little anti UVA sunscreen indoors.

If your skin has turned grey and black, it is recommended that you do not use cosmetics again. When washing your face and bathing, try to choose products containing vitamins, especially vitamin E, which can block the free radicals circulating in the skin’s microvessels to a certain extent and maintain the vitality of your skin. However, if your skin is very dark and even starts to grow spots, don’t ignore it, let alone wipe things by yourself, and be sure to see a doctor in time.

Red Alert – hot constitution is easy to be allergic

It is supposed to be a good thing to have a rosy face, but sometimes the skin color is red, but it is not necessarily healthy. If your complexion is embarrassing, accompanied by burning, itching and redness, it is the red alarm.

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