The color of your eyes depends on your health

The white eyes of normal people are white without discoloration and spots. If yes, some diseases can be judged according to different signs.

Blue eyes

It is called blue sclera in medicine. This sign is mostly caused by chronic iron deficiency. Iron is a very important substance in the collagen tissue of the sclera surface. Iron deficiency can make the sclera thinner. When the sclera can not cover the dark blue choroid under the sclera, the whites of the eyes will appear blue. And chronic iron deficiency will inevitably lead to iron deficiency anemia. All patients with moderate and severe anemia have blue white eyes.

Red eyes

Congestion is usually caused by bacterial or viral infection and inflammation. If there are also symptoms such as secretion, foreign body sensation, itching and eye pain, go to the hospital for ophthalmic treatment. In addition, people with high blood pressure will have symptoms of white eye congestion and redness before cerebral hemorrhage, before the onset of Capricorn disease, and serious insomnia and cardiac insufficiency. If one side of the white eye is red, pay attention to whether it is infected by sexually transmitted diseases.

Yellowing of the whites of the eyes

Jaundice was proved. Infectious liver disease, biliary tract disease, pregnancy poisoning and some hemolytic diseases are the causes of jaundice.

Blood flakes on the whites of the eyes

It is a warning sign for arteriosclerosis, especially cerebral arteriosclerosis.

Green spots on the whites of the eyes

Most of them are early signs of intestinal obstruction.

Red spots on the whites of the eyes

It is the result of telangiectasia of capillaries. Diabetes patients usually have this symptom.

There are triangular, round or half moon blue, gray or black spots on the whites of the eyes

It is a common symptom of intestinal ascariasis.

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