Don’t be idle while watching TV!

Liu canhong, director of the Department of rehabilitation medicine at Shuanghe Hospital of the Taiwan provincial government, said that sitting for a long time will lead to osteoporosis if the bones are in a semi stressed state for a long time. Chen Chen Yin, a physiotherapist at the Chang Gung Memorial Hospital in Linkou, Taiwan, says that lying on the sofa and reclining obliquely will cause the turning point of the spine to be in the lumbar spine, which will cause greater stress, easily cause lower back pain, become more tired the next day, and even lead to intervertebral disc herniation in serious cases. When watching TV and surfing the Internet, don’t be idle. Try the following actions to help combat sedentary.

1. Push each other with both hands: when entering the advertisement, sit straight, push each other with both hands folded, and relax after 5 seconds, pushing 4 times each time. This action can exercise the pectoral muscles.

2. Leg lifting: sit on a hard chair, shrink your abdomen, hold the chair with both hands, lift one foot so that the leg is parallel to the floor (as shown in the figure), and move your legs up and down until you can’t stand the acid, then put it down and do it with the other foot. This action can exercise the core muscle group and the quadriceps femoris, which is rarely used.

3. Stand against the wall: keep your back against the wall, keep your heel away from the wall, straighten your chest and chin, clip your shoulder blades back, and press your abdominal muscles against the wall to make sure there is no gap between your waist and the wall. On the one hand, this movement can stretch the trunk and relax the tight shoulders, and on the other hand, it can train the core muscles. If it feels easy to do, you can also shrink your lower abdomen, bend your knees, sit down your buttocks, and slowly rub up and down the wall to exercise your quadriceps.

In addition, Dr. Liu canhong stressed that the principle of “four electricity is less than two” should be kept in mind in home leisure, that is, the time spent sitting watching TV, surfing the Internet, using mobile phones and playing online games should be less than 2 hours. In the rest of the time, you can do some relaxing housework, such as going out to take out the garbage, walk the dog, and hang out the clothes, which is also helpful to keep a good figure while relaxing. You can also play badminton to fully extend the body that has been curled up for a day.

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