To do this, say goodbye to the annoying dark circles under your eyes

get enough sleep adequate sleep is the most basic and important measure to prevent and treat dark circles under the eyes. Amy Wexler, an American dermatologist, said that lack of sleep is the number one cause of dark circles under the eyes. You should try to go to bed early at night. Turn off all electronic devices, including mobile phones, TVs, computers and so on, half an hour before bed, relax and get ready for sleep.

wear sunglasses American dermatologist Sibley Fishman said that ultraviolet light in the sun will destroy the collagen of eye capillaries, causing capillaries to break easily, and the blood released will enter the subcutaneous tissue, which will make the skin dull, and the external manifestation is dark circles under the eyes. Therefore, when you go out on a sunny day, you must wear sunglasses with anti ultraviolet effect.

massage the orbit Gillian Wright, an expert at the New York spa, said that allergies are also a major cause of dark circles under the eyes. When your body comes into contact with allergens, it may induce various inflammation, and dark circles under your eyes are one of them. Wright said that regularly and gently massage the orbit, cheeks, head and neck to promote the lymphatic circulation around the eyes, help eliminate inflammation and fade black circles under the eyes.

low sugar diet dark circles under the eyes are a manifestation of skin inflammation to some extent. Fishman said that a diet rich in antioxidants and low in sugar can fight inflammation in all parts of the body, including the skin. Therefore, it is recommended to reduce the intake of sugar in the diet, avoid alcoholic beverages, and eat more berries, beans, bean sprouts and green leafy vegetables.

apply tea bags to your eyes according to Wright, soak two black tea bags in warm water for a while, then take them out, squeeze out the water, apply them to the eye sockets, and lie down with your eyes closed to relax for a while. The tannins contained in black tea can constrict blood vessels and effectively alleviate dark circles under the eyes. Fishman recommends the use of green tea bags. Put the soaked green tea bags in the refrigerator and freeze them for a while before taking them out to apply to your eyes. The frozen tea bags can reduce swelling, and green tea is rich in powerful antioxidant ECGC, which helps repair damaged cells after being absorbed by the skin.

apply milk facial mask Wexler said that milk is rich in milk fat and lactic acid, which is the best “natural medicine” against dark circles under the eyes. Applying milk to the face can whiten and moisturize the skin. The method is very simple. Soak the towel with milk, squeeze out the excess water from the towel, apply it to your face or eyes for a few minutes, and then wash with water.

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