A face is a barometer of health

The complexion of a person can show the health of the body. Some diseases also require the existence of diseases to be found by observing the complexion. Even some women with anemia can be seen by their complexion.

Pale complexion is caused by insufficient filling of facial capillaries. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that most of them are deficiency diseases or cold diseases, which are manifestations of poor physique. In addition, such as massive bleeding, shock causing strong contraction of capillaries, hypothyroidism, chronic nephritis, lead poisoning, etc., can also cause pallor.

There are two kinds of flushes: physiological and pathological. The former is related to drinking, sun exposure, vigorous exercise or emotional activities, anger or shyness; The latter mainly occurs in febrile diseases caused by infection, such as typhoid, malaria, tuberculosis, pneumonia and so on. For example, taking drugs that dilate blood vessels such as atropine and taking a large amount of hormones can also cause temporary flushing on the face. In addition, patients with lupus erythematosus and carbon monoxide poisoning may also have symptoms of flushing.

Cyanosis is mostly caused by lack of oxygen. Severe pain often makes your face pale and blue. Heart failure and congenital heart disease can also make your face blue.

The yellowish face is mostly caused by the concentration of bilirubin in blood exceeding the normal range and penetrating into tissues and mucosa due to cell damage or biliary obstruction, which is called “jaundice” in medicine.

It is mainly seen in patients with acute icteric hepatitis, gallstones, acute cholecystitis, liver cirrhosis, liver cancer, pancreatic head cancer, etc. In addition, patients with hookworm disease will also have symptoms of yellow face due to long-term chronic blood loss.

Chinese medicine believes that blackness is a manifestation of kidney loss, so it is often treated with kidney tonifying drugs. In addition, patients with cirrhosis, adrenergic hypofunction, chronic renal insufficiency, chronic cardiopulmonary insufficiency, liver cancer and other diseases will also turn black. As for the blackening of the face, senile pigmented spots, and pregnancy spots in women caused by physiological phenomena, they are normal phenomena, not diseases.

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