Cold hands and feet are a hotbed of cancer

Cold hands and feet in winter seem to be a common problem of many women. Recently, someone on the Internet said that people who often have cold hands and feet are prone to cancer, which is really a shock! Are netizens worrying groundlessly, or is it true? The answer of Chinese medicine experts is: in most cases, you will not get cancer. Only those who have cold hands and feet all the year round and always feel tired should be alert to the advent of cancer.

are cold hands and feet prone to cancer?

People with cold hands and feet are easy to get cancer? This can not help but surprise many women and elderly people! Because for them, it has almost become a “normal” to feel that their hands and feet are not warm in winter, but will they really be entangled with cancer in this way?

“If other parts of the body don’t feel uncomfortable, but just feel cold hands and feet, don’t be too nervous.” Professor Yang Yufei, director of the oncology department of Xiyuan Hospital, Chinese Academy of traditional Chinese medicine, said, “there are many reasons for cold hands and feet. The low basic metabolic rate of the human body, the reduced blood reserve capacity, the poor peripheral circulation, and the poor temperature regulation may all make people feel cold hands and feet. These are not uncommon in the elderly.

Women may be more sensitive than men because the nerves innervating the peripheral blood vessels. When the ambient temperature drops, the blood vessels of the hands and feet will contract rapidly, and then the local temperature will drop, naturally feeling that the hands and feet are cold.

In addition, women’s blood pressure is usually lower than men’s. when they encounter cold or pressure, their blood will flow more to the heart and other major organs, and their hands and feet may be left out at a distance, so that they will feel very cold. ” But Yang Yufei believes that this is not directly related to cancer.

However, if your hands and feet are cold all the year round, you still feel tired and afraid of the cold, can’t get up, your lips are pale, your libido is reduced, men often have ejaculation, and women have thin leucorrhea, you need to be vigilant.

“This kind of people belongs to the cold constitution, that is, the Yang deficiency constitution.” Li Zhong, deputy chief physician of the oncology department of Dongzhimen Hospital of Beijing University of traditional Chinese medicine, said that the occurrence of tumors is closely related to the healthy qi of the human body. People with long-term weakness of the spleen and stomach and insufficient healthy qi are more likely to be invaded by “evil Qi” and may become cancerous.

It is the so-called “weakness of the spleen and stomach, more accumulation”. Therefore, people with the above problems had better see a doctor as soon as possible. In particular, if there are early signs of cancer such as hemoptysis and melena, they should seek medical attention in time.

Wu Xiongzhi, deputy director of the tumor treatment department of Integrated Chinese and Western medicine of Tianjin Cancer Hospital, reminds that some people who deviate from normal physique are like hotbeds of tumors. The longer the time, the higher the risk of “cultivating” tumors. People with Yang deficiency constitution can usually eat more tonic foods such as yam, wolfberry, mulberry and walnut. Moderate exercise can encourage Yang Qi and avoid staying up late. In addition, we should also note that bad emotions are the “catalyst” of tumors, and it is also very important to maintain an optimistic, tolerant and open-minded attitude.

Why do I have cold hands and feet

One of the reasons: circulation disorder

1. The heart is weak and unable to supply blood to the peripheral parts of the body.

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