Seize 15 special golden times for health care

Our body is integrated with the outside world, and our body is changing every moment, but we must not miss the 15 golden times of health.

1. Drinking tea after dinner is not healthy

Many people like to drink tea immediately after dinner, which is actually very unscientific. Drinking tea blindly will not only fail to protect health, but will even make your body worse and worse. Because tannic acid in tea can combine with iron in food to form insoluble iron salt, which interferes with iron absorption, and is easy to induce iron deficiency anemia over a long period of time. One hour after dinner is the best time to drink tea. People who like to drink tea should try not to drink tea on an empty stomach, otherwise tea will dilute gastric juice, reduce digestive function, and easily cause gastritis over time.

2. Taking tonic also depends on the time

At 8 a.m., the absorption function of the digestive system is the lowest, and it is most suitable for taking vitamin supplements; If the iron is taken at 19 PM, the effect is better than that in the morning; The blood calcium level of the human body is the lowest from midnight to early morning. Therefore, calcium supplementation before going to bed can make calcium fully absorbed and utilized.

3.17 ~ 19: Yes, it’s easy to be a mother

If you want to be pregnant successfully, choose 17:00 to 19:00 to have sex. At this time, both the quantity and quality of sperm have reached the peak, and the activity ability is super strong. That is to say, sperm and eggs are most likely to fall in love at this time, and 15:00 to 19:00 is the time for women to ovulate. It will be helpful for those couples with fertility problems.

4. It takes 15 seconds to wash hands

Most people wash their hands for less than 8 seconds on average, which makes it difficult to effectively remove bacteria from their hands. There are about 400000 bacteria on one hand of a person. If you have the habit of picking your nose and rubbing your eyes, it is very likely that bacteria will enter. Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 15 seconds. If you can’t grasp the time well, you can hum the song “Happy Birthday to you” twice.

It’s better not to eat yogurt

Because the gastric juice of people is acidic on an empty stomach, the lactic acid bacteria in yogurt are easy to be killed by gastric acid, and the health care effect of yogurt will be weakened. About 2 hours after dinner, the gastric juice is diluted, and the pH in the stomach is most suitable for the growth of lactic acid bacteria. Drinking yogurt at this time has a good effect, especially 2 hours after dinner. From the perspective of calcium supplementation, drinking yogurt or milk before going to bed has the best effect.

6. How many days do you have to wait for breast enhancement

Women who yearn for breast development for the second time often have unsatisfactory results after trying various means, because they fail to seize the best opportunity for breast enhancement. In fact, the 11th, 12th and 13th days of menstruation are the best time for breast enlargement. In these three days, ovarian estrus hormone, which affects breast fullness, is secreted in equal quantities in 24 hours, which is an opportunity to stimulate breast fat accumulation and thickening. At this time, exercise, food supplement and massage have good effects.

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