These bad habits accelerate aging

Health is the capital of work and life, and having a healthy body is the most important. Good habits help to prolong life, while bad habits accelerate aging. In our daily life, some of our good habits can help us to maintain a healthy body, and the following habits not only affect our health, but also may cause you to age quickly.

1. Drink water only when you are thirsty.

Scientific research shows that drinking water only when you are thirsty will accelerate the process of aging. Because most of the cells of the human body are composed of water, lack of water in the human body is easy to damage the kidney and liver, increase the viscosity of blood, and affect blood circulation. The average daily water demand of adults is more than 2500 ml, of which about 1500-2000 ml comes from direct drinking water, and the rest is taken from food.

Suggestion: in order to avoid water shortage, drink more water every day, about 250 ml each time, regardless of whether you are thirsty or not. Warm boiled water is the best. Don’t drink drinks with high sugar and caffeine.

2. Don’t move

Because of the excessive work pressure, modern people are becoming less and more sedentary. When I get home, I just lie on the sofa and watch TV. Too little exercise will not only make people fat and lazy, but also make them prone to varicose veins, cervical spondylosis, hemorrhoids and other diseases, and even increase the incidence of diabetes and heart disease. Proper exercise can promote the smooth blood circulation of the whole body, make the body relax moderately, and thus lubricate the skin.

Suggestion: exercise anytime and anywhere, such as leg stretching and sit ups at home, is conducive to the reflux of blood in the lower limbs. At the same time, sedentary office workers need to get up every hour or two to take a walk after dinner.

3. Bend down hunchback

The muscles near the shoulder blades of people who are used to hunchbacks are less developed. If this state is not improved, the bone mineral density of women’s dorsal bone will drop sharply, and it may even lead to deformation of the dorsal bone. At the same time, the large pectoral muscles that support the muscles in front of the shoulder will also decline, leading to chest drooping, bone misalignment or facial deformation.

Suggestion: first of all, lift your shoulders to the direction of your back bone, and then do muscle exercises. In ordinary life, you should also pay attention to maintaining this posture for a long time.

4. Strenuous exercise

Sweat during exercise is healthy! But if you do too much exercise, it may accelerate aging. Because under intense exercise, the consumption of acids in muscles and muscles increases and breathing becomes shallow. In order to transport acids to muscles and muscles, the body must increase its respiration and blood flow. However, the acidogens in the body are “active acidogens”, which contain substances that simply acidify the body. If acidified substances are accumulated in the body, it will lead to premature aging.

Suggestion: try to choose jogging, swimming, yoga, Taijiquan and other sports, and each time should be controlled within 1-2 hours.

5. Face bitter every day

Some people don’t like to laugh naturally, and there are few expressions on their faces. Compared with people who love to laugh, their facial skin metabolism is slow. And because of the lack of nutrition of skin cells, skin problems such as dullness, color spots and acne are easy to appear on the face, and wrinkles are more likely to appear than those who love to laugh.

Suggestion: keep smiling every day can bring people a good mood, thus delaying physical and mental aging.

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