Half an hour after dinner is the golden period for health preservation

Three meals a day is the basis for the normal functioning of our body. Scientific diet and reasonable collocation can add points to health. If you want to amplify the benefits of three meals, it is particularly important to seize half an hour after meals. It is said that half an hour after meals is the “golden period for health preservation”. Then, how to maintain health after meals? Next, let’s take a look with Xiaobian.

◆ avoid these six taboos after meals

1. Eat fruits immediately after meals

Many people like to eat fruit after dinner. Sometimes they also use fruit as dessert, mistaking it for relieving the greasiness of dinner. However, the fact is that the gut of the human body is in the process of digestion after dinner. Eating fruit immediately after dinner will affect the normal digestion of food. The best plan is to eat fruit one hour after dinner.

2. Take a bath after dinner

From a common sense, we all know that you can’t take a bath when your body is hungry, because it will cause hypoxia and temporary anemia. But can I just take a shower after eating? The fact is that this is not good! Because the blood circulation and energy in the body are concentrated on gastrointestinal digestion after meals, it is easy to cause brain hypoxia.

3. Drink strong tea after dinner

The dinner is too greasy. Drink a cup of strong tea to relieve the oil! If you really do this, you are too irresponsible for your health in Japan! Not to mention drinking strong tea, drinking water quality after meals will hurt your body, not to mention strong tea.

4. Take vigorous exercise after meals

There is a folk proverb “walk a hundred steps after dinner, you can live 99 years”, which means that proper exercise after dinner can help digestion and is beneficial to human health. However, if you take strenuous activities immediately after dinner, such as playing ball, running, engaging in heavy physical labor, etc., it will affect the digestion and absorption of food and is harmful to your health. Because the muscles of the limbs need more blood supply during strenuous exercise or labor, the blood supply of the gastrointestinal tract will be relatively reduced.

5. Go to bed immediately after dinner

After dinner, because the blood flow of digestive organs increases, the blood supply to the brain decreases relatively, and people feel tired and even drowsy. This phenomenon is more obvious after lunch. If you go to bed immediately after dinner, the peristalsis of the gastrointestinal tract will slow down, the secretion of digestive juice will decrease, and food will not be fully digested. Especially in children, it can cause digestive dysfunction, indigestion and malnutrition for a long time.

6. Relax your belt after dinner

Many people feel flustered after eating too much and often loosen the belt buckle. Although their stomachs are comfortable, this will cause a drop in intra-abdominal pressure and force their stomachs to sag. In the long run, you will really suffer from gastroptosis.

◆ health preservation after meals is suitable for these things

1. Rubbing the abdomen after eating

Massaging the abdomen after eating can not only promote gastrointestinal peristalsis and blood circulation in the abdominal cavity, which is beneficial to enhancing gastrointestinal function, but also serve as a benign stimulus, which is transmitted to the brain through nerves, which is beneficial to the regulation and play of central nervous system functions, fitness and disease prevention.

Specific method: put the palm on the abdomen, take the navel as the center, slowly and gently massage clockwise and counterclockwise for 20 circles, but wait for half an hour after the meal to rub the abdomen.

2. Walk slowly after eating

Walking slowly after eating helps to promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, secretion of gastrointestinal digestive juice and digestion and absorption of food, which is beneficial to human health.

But don’t walk immediately after eating, don’t walk quickly, and don’t take vigorous exercise, otherwise it will bring adverse effects on your health. It’s better to take a walk after half an hour.

3. Rinse after eating

Gargling after eating can keep the mouth moist and clean the teeth, stimulate the taste buds on the tongue, enhance the taste function, and effectively prevent and treat oral and dental diseases. Protecting the mouth and teeth is beneficial to improving appetite and helping digestion and absorption. In this way, the elderly will feel delicious and healthy, and will live a long life.

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