Fig Apple Tea freckle removing secret recipe fig Apple Tea freckle removing method

Fig apple tea is a good freckle removing secret recipe, so how to make fig Apple Tea freckle removing secret recipe?

With the gradual rise of temperature, the sunshine time is getting longer and longer, and the impact of ultraviolet rays on the skin is getting bigger and bigger. For female friends who want to whiten, Xiaobian cooked a fig apple tea for you today, which is also a classic deep detoxification beauty tea. Did you know that the top five fruits that are most detoxified are: cherry, strawberry, fig, apple and grape. Among them, figs and apples are most suitable for making tea. Drinking this tea often can expel deep-seated toxins, accelerate metabolism, increase skin elasticity, and reduce spots, acne and acquired nevus.

Fig apple tea is good to drink, produces saliva, moistens and nourishes, and detoxifies. It is also very simple to boil. The specific method is as follows:

1、 Wash figs and apples. Cut the apple into pieces. I use two fresh figs, each of which is cut in pairs, and pay attention to keeping the skin and seeds. If it’s dry figs, put a few more. If you like it, you can also add Chinese wolfberry, longan, honey jujube and so on.

2、 Put the ingredients into the stew pot, add water until it is full, cover the inner cover, and place it in the large steamer to steam and stew.

Note: the pulp accounts for 1 / 3 of the volume of the stew pot. In the picture, the pulp floats after adding water. In addition, there is no limit to the form of tea cooking. You can use electronic stewing cups, boiling pots, boiled water teapots, etc.

3、 Steam and stew for 20 minutes. The key is to stew in the stew cup for a long time after turning off the fire, and then open the lid to drink.

All right, tea! As soon as you open the lid, you will find pleasant fragrance. The color of tea actually shows a light pink under the sun. The taste is full of praise, with delicate fruit acid in the sweet, which moistens every sense like manna. It is definitely a detoxifying and beautifying tea that women can’t miss!

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