Ingredients: new freckle removing secret recipe; ingredients: new freckle removing method

We all know that beauty is the nature of women. How do women protect their skin? What is the new freckle removing secret recipe?

You have a acne free face, but you are troubled by all kinds of color spots? Come and follow Xiaobian to see how to remove freckles.

30 quail eggs, 500ml rice vinegar

1 wash the shell of quail eggs and dry them in the air.

2 put the rice vinegar (white) into the glass jar, put the quail eggs, and let the vinegar soak completely. Soak for one week.

3 and vinegar, eat quail eggs. Drink 1 cup of vinegar (30mg) each time and eat 2 quail eggs. Three times a day. Before going to bed, wipe your face with vinegar soaked in quail eggs, and wash it off with water 15 minutes later.

Vinegar soaked with quail eggs can eliminate freckles caused by the sun. Because vinegar itself can increase the secretion of estrogen and eliminate freckles. Quail eggs are rich in vitamin A, which is higher than eggs. Quail eggs also contain ingredients that activate skin cells, which can promote skin cells to regenerate and replace aging cells. So it can remove spots and whiten. It can be taken internally and externally for quick effect.

1 pineapple, 50g rape, 10mg lemon juice

Peel the pineapple and cut it into small pieces.

2 wash and cut the rape.

3 put the carrot cubes and rape into a juicer to squeeze juice, then add lemon juice and stir them together to drink.

4 when most of the drink is drunk, the rest is used for dressing the face, which can be used for 15 minutes.

Drinking this drink for a long time and applying it externally on the face can eliminate freckles and black spots, especially suitable for people with constipation and long pigmented spots. This formula can supplement vitamin C.B, chlorophyll and calcium. It has the functions of detoxifying, beautifying, whitening and eliminating freckles.

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