You have a bad habit of destroying your voice every day

“4.16 world voice day”, eh? Mu has heard of it. Think of all the efforts you have made to slim down, whiten, and protect your hair and nails. Have you ever taken good care of your voice? The voice is the second face of a person. No matter you are a soft girl or a hot girl, one mouth is the voice of smoking and drinking, and the voice of a male duck. It really spoils the scenery! The voice in the job call is the first impression you give to the interviewer. When you are in love, you have to have a “sweet voice”. Even when you speak wechat, you will have a good impression on the beautiful voice

But what do you do in daily life?

Smoking and drinking—— Smoking and drinking, and staying up late

Spicy as life—— It’s too spicy to eat. The more spicy it is, the more it can’t stop!

Drinking ice water in summer—— Gudong, Gudong, how exciting! Hey, Gudong, Gudong

Talking loudly—— I’m used to speaking loudly, but I can’t speak in a low voice.

Barely get a high pitch—— I can’t sing up. How shameless! I’ll go up with a roar!

In addition to the above obvious bad habits of destroying your voice, there are also some behaviors of “destroying your voice”, which you may often commit!

1. You don’t smoke, but what about second-hand smoke

Often smoking second-hand smoke will cause dry pain and swelling of the throat, and eventually lead to chronic pharyngitis. Staying in a smoky conference room for half a day won’t hurt your voice much less than those smokers.

2. You don’t eat spicy food, but what about sweet food

Yes, too much sugar is not good for your throat. You know what it’s like to be a “dog”? This kind of stimulation will not only act on your tongue, but also on your throat. Eating too much sugar will increase sputum. In order to deal with these things, your throat will vibrate additionally.

3. You don’t drink cold water, but what about hot water

Overheated food can hurt your throat. It’s best to drink water below 50 ℃, such as coffee and tea. You must stop for a while before drinking.

4. You don’t talk loudly on the phone, but what about talking on the phone

It is more difficult for people to control their volume when talking on the phone than when talking face-to-face. Especially when the other party’s voice is not loud, you can’t help raising your voice… If you are in a noisy environment, such as shopping malls, subways and music festivals, your decibel will increase by 160%!

5. You don’t go high, but when did you go to karaoke

Singing K during menstruation is not good for you. At this time, the throat is congested and the tube wall is more fragile than usual. It’s really uncomfortable to sing “high song” at this time. In addition, don’t sing K immediately after strenuous exercise, because the temperature rises and the body is tired, singing will stimulate the throat more. Besides, drinking beer during karaoke? Eat potato chips and popcorn? You’re adding fuel to the fire! Sao Nian, how about ordering a fruit tray?

tips: cough, don’t keep clearing your throat

When your throat is uncomfortable, you can “cough” to clear your throat? It may backfire. If you only clear your throat once or twice because of swallowing discomfort and itching temporarily, it will not hurt, but if you clear your throat frequently because of long-term discomfort, it will make your symptoms more serious. Because the air flow will violently vibrate the vocal cords when clearing the throat, which will damage the vocal cords and lead to hoarseness. If clearing the throat can solve the problem, why do you need throat tonics?

If you insist on not doing the above 10, you will find your voice beautiful.

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