He was hurt by sudden strenuous exercise

It is often said that “no exercise in April, sorrow in May”. Because of the cold weather in winter, many people choose to live in a snail’s house, and temporarily cram for the spring when everything grows, in an attempt to get a good figure in a short time. However, if you don’t exercise for a long time and suddenly take vigorous exercise, it is easy to backfire.

sudden exercise is dangerous and easy to cause sudden death

There are many people in life who do not exercise at ordinary times and exercise crazily at weekends to become “weekend warriors”. We should know that such a sports mode is easy to cause excessive exercise and adverse consequences.

Sudden exercise will cause ordinary people to exceed the range of exercise load that their bodies can bear and cause excessive exercise. Exercise-induced rhabdomyolysis is skeletal muscle injury caused by excessive exercise, which mostly occurs in young people. Its clinical manifestations are myalgia, swelling, weakness, brown urine, etc., and it can lead to acute renal failure in serious cases.

how to exercise step by step

For office workers, it is better to choose “slow sports” that are non confrontational, slow paced and of low intensity, such as walking, jogging, billiards, dancing and yoga, when doing daily sports. In addition to fitness, “slow exercise” can also achieve the effect of “decompression”, which is more conducive to physical and mental health.

For adults, they should complete more than 30 minutes of moderate intensity exercise every day. These 30 minutes of exercise need not be completed at one time, but can be completed in two or three times in a day, that is, 10 to 15 minutes of exercise can be arranged each time to complete the amount of exercise in a day. Use the method of breaking up the whole into parts, such as changing from taking an elevator to taking stairs, changing from taking a car to walking, and doing some small strength exercises between work.

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