If you answer the phone for a long time, be careful of sudden deafness

In recent years, there have been more and more cases of sudden deafness caused by young people using mobile phones and headphones to listen to music for a long time, some of which are unilateral deafness and tinnitus; Some will suffer from hearing loss in both ears. When people continue to use the phone, stay up late, or are physically and mentally tired and nervous, the “alarm sound” emitted by the ears is particularly important. These alarms mainly include tinnitus (cicada chirp, buzzing, etc.), ear tightness (such as the feeling of water in your ears after swimming or bathing), dizziness (swirling sky and earth, rotating objects around). Once you find yourself with the above symptoms, you should go to the hospital for examination and treatment as soon as possible.

Sudden deafness is sometimes accompanied by viral infection or some diseases, including cytomegalovirus, mumps virus, rubella virus, measles virus, herpes simplex virus, influenza viruses A and B and chickenpox virus infection. Many patients often have a history of contact with colds or mumps before onset.

if you want to use your mobile phone healthily, please keep the following six tips in mind:

1. Many people are used to putting their mobile phones, wallets, keys, notes and other items in one trouser pocket, which is easy to cause cross pollution.

2. Don’t use other items while pressing the button during a call or when sending and receiving a text message, especially don’t take food, be careful that the disease enters through the mouth.

3. The use of earphones during calls can reduce the radiation damage of mobile phones, minimize the contact of mobile phones with the face and lips, and prevent droplet infection.

4. Wash hands frequently: whether you believe it or not, our hands are the largest colony of bacteria and viruses. If you want to keep your mobile phone as free from bacteria as possible, please follow the rule of washing hands frequently.

5. It’s best to gently wipe the keyboard, screen and other parts of the mobile phone with a cotton swab stained with medical alcohol every week for sterilization, or go to the mobile phone customer service department to clean it by ultraviolet rays or ozone.

6. Buy a mobile phone case for your mobile phone: some people think that silicone and plastic mobile phone cases can create more gaps, and these gaps will make the already dirty mobile phone more unclean. Nevertheless, having a suitable mobile phone case, especially those that completely cover the keyboard, and then cleaning it regularly, taking the mobile phone out of the case, and then cleaning the case can greatly reduce the bacteria residing in your mobile phone.

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