Morning exercise experts teach you to overcome the difficulty of getting up

Spring is warm and flowers are blooming. It’s time to show your flesh again if you don’t lose weight. In order to have a good figure before summer, many friends have started morning exercises. However, it is difficult to get up early after all, and countless people have said that they have been defeated by “difficulty in getting up”. Don’t lose heart. Look at the morning exercise experts invited by Cosmo website, and see what tricks they have for overcoming this “stubborn disease”.

“To get up early and exercise, you need to have strategies, habits and incentives,” said Adam rossant, a fitness coach at Cosmo body. He gets up at 6 o’clock every morning for exercise. He is right: I insist on getting up early for exercise every day, because I follow the habit of getting up early every day, and do some interesting things to reward myself after finishing exercise.

This method is very useful to me, and also to some professional coaches who start classes in the morning. Of course, they can make money (which is also a kind of motivation). I believe this method can also be effective for you.

1. Be prepared the night before.

“I told my friends that I was like a fireman. Because I would prepare clothes, food, sports equipment and so on the night before, so that I could get up together the next day and go out in about 10 minutes.” Said Cartier Pulis. She is the coach of Cosmo body and the inventor of KP fitness dance, which is popular in the United States.

2. They will set several alarm clocks.

“I set three different alarm clocks and gave them inspiring names to get me out of bed.” Ty Johnson said. He is a soul bike coach in New York. He goes to class at six o’clock every morning. “The first alarm clock is set 15 minutes before I get up, and it says: I can’t get up! The second alarm clock says: I will get up! It can get me out of bed. The third alarm clock says: I’m exercising! Tell me it’s time to go out and exercise.”

She’s not the only one who makes annoying alarms interesting. “I usually set five alarm clocks, which ring every 10 minutes from 4:00.” Vanessa Martin said. As the founder of sin fitness, she usually welcomes her clients at six o’clock, so she usually rides from home to the company at about five o’clock for exercise. She will use a particularly harsh bell as an alarm so that she won’t sleep.

3. Drink a glass of water in the morning.

“You start to consume water when you sleep. When else can you not drink water for 6-8 hours in a row?” Dennis Butler said. He teaches high-intensity fitness dance in a fitness center in New York and starts his first class every day. Butler’s suggestions are still being adopted by many people, including Jennifer wiedstrom, the coach of the American version of super slimming king, and Hailey Pasternak, the star’s private teacher. They drink two large glasses of water after getting up every morning, and sometimes add some lemon juice. Johnson and Pulis also drink lemonade. “This is a natural detox drink. It’s refreshing and full of energy every morning. It’s amazing!” Johnson said: “drinking lemonade at the same time can also help digestion and balance the acid and alkali in the body.”

4. They will eat something before exercise.

Butler likes to eat bananas before sports. “It’s like eating some sugar.” She said. Pulis and Johnson chose apples, which contain polyphenols that can help the body convert fructose into energy. Strawberries are also a good choice, or eat something you like. “As soon as I get up from bed, I will get some dark chocolate coffee beans from the refrigerator,” Martin said. “I will be awakened by coffee, and caffeine and chocolate can help my body adapt to activities faster.”

If you think it is impossible to cook at 5:00 in the morning, then choose the food you like and convenient for breakfast, so that you will have motivation when you get up early!

5. Listen to some energetic music

“This song can even make me twist up in my chair when I’m taking the subway.” Butler said. She recently heard a song called “cola song”, which was sung by inna and J balvin. Martin’s song list includes many songs by Lorde, Ellie Goulding, Florence and the machines, which she thinks makes every morning as energetic as a dance party. If you want to make yourself move, it’s better to use your favorite song as the wake-up bell, or let your favorite song play from getting up and brushing your teeth. Don’t wait until the time of exercise.

6. Drinking coffee

Pasternak, as a nutrition scientist in the army, spent three years studying caffeine and fitness exercises. He himself is a patient with “early rising difficulty”, but he has to get up early every day because of his work. He would drink a small cup of cotado, that is, two espressos with a little milk, 30 minutes before going out in the morning. While Simone delahu, the star coach, drinks a cup of white coffee in the morning, “this is the incentive for me to get up in the morning!”

7. They will have the second breakfast.

“What you eat after exercise is the real breakfast.” Martin said. She said she had a special protein shake to help her spend the morning: try this menu! A spoonful of vanilla lactalbumin with water (milk and coconut milk are also acceptable), original almond butter (must be salt and sugar free), some ice strawberries or blueberries, kiwis, bananas and ice. Or you can try other healthy milkshakes you like.

8. They generally go to bed early.

If you sleep too much or feel listless after getting up, you will not get good exercise results. “Going to bed early is an important reason why I can get up before 5 a.m.” Martin said. If you know when you have to get up in the morning to exercise, and how long you have enough sleep, then you should calculate when you go to bed in the evening to ensure sleep. Then stick to this habit, even if you may miss your favorite TV program. At the same time, don’t drink alcohol at night, which will have a great impact on your mental state in the morning.

9. They don’t make the morning a painful thing.

“When I wake up, before I really leave bed, there are three things I want to be grateful for.” Rossant said: “it makes me start every day with positive energy and reminds me to look for opportunities throughout the day.” Martin also thinks that the moment she wakes up every day is very important: “the first breath you take in the morning will determine what this day means to you. Before leaving bed, I will take five deep breaths to emphasize that I am ready to be fully awake and get up to start exercising. Then I will try my best to stretch and get up slowly.”

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