Don’t break these five habits in the morning

When you wake up from your sleep, get up, eat, exercise, and start a day’s life, you may unknowingly make mistakes. Some mistakes may induce cardiovascular and cerebrovascular events for patients with hypertension.

getting up too hard in the morning when people sleep, their blood pressure is relatively low. When they wake up, their blood pressure will rise rapidly. In particular, some hypertensive patients who have morning peak may get up too fast and violently, which may cause a sudden rise in blood pressure and lead to serious diseases such as cerebrovascular rupture. There are also some hypertension patients who have vascular movement disorders due to arteriosclerosis and other reasons. If the posture changes too fast, they are prone to postural hypotension, insufficient blood supply to the brain, dizziness or syncope. It is recommended to adhere to the “221” principle when getting up, that is, when you just wake up, open your eyes and lie in bed for 2 minutes, sit for 2 minutes after getting up, sit by the bed for 1 minute, and then stand up for activities.

I don’t like drinking water in the morning the blood in the early morning is thick and easy to form thrombus. After getting up, you should drink a large cup of warm water as soon as possible, which can quickly dilute the thick blood. Water can be absorbed through the stomach and intestines in 10 minutes and enter the blood circulation, reducing the occurrence of stroke and myocardial infarction.

I defecate too hard in the morning clinically, some patients do have cerebral hemorrhage due to defecation. In the morning, the blood pressure is already high. If you defecate with force, the abdominal pressure will increase, and the blood pressure will rise faster. If the arterioles in the patient’s brain are hardened, the rupture and bleeding of the arterioles in the brain may occur once you exert force. In case of dry stool and poor defecation, do not exert excessive force or hold your breath, or exert excessive force while holding your breath. In life, you should eat more vegetables and bananas rich in crude fiber. If you can’t, you should see a doctor and use drugs to treat constipation.

breakfast is too oily and salty fried dough sticks, fried eggs and so on are high-fat and high calorie foods. Many hypertension patients have hyperlipidemia. Eating too much oil and salt will worsen atherosclerosis. You can have a cup of milk or a bowl of porridge for breakfast, a boiled egg the next day, and fruits and vegetables.

I am used to doing morning exercises in the morning some people go out for morning exercise at four or five o’clock. At this time, people are easy to be stimulated by cold, which makes the already high blood pressure rise faster in the morning, thus increasing the possibility of cerebrovascular accidents. I suggest that you schedule your exercise around 4:00 p.m. Aerobics, Taijiquan and fast walking are all good exercise methods. Blind and excessive exercise may also induce cardiovascular and cerebrovascular events.

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