How should blain muscle care for these methods? How should acne muscles be cared for

As we all know, it is troublesome to care for acne skin. You may not know the correct skin care method, so what should you do about acne skin? Here are the skin care methods for acne skin. Let’s have a look.

Apply sugar and facial cleanser to your face

When you clean your face in the morning and evening every day, take an appropriate amount of sugar and facial cleanser, and then apply it to your skin. After a week of gentle friction, you can see the acne removing effect.

Lemon egg white for acne

Take a lemon, squeeze out the lemon juice, mix it with the egg white, stir it evenly, apply it on the clean face, wash it with water half an hour later, and persist in using it for 2 weeks. The acne will become smaller and the skin will become white and tender.

Cucumber white vinegar for acne

Take the same amount of cucumber juice and white vinegar, mix them well, smear them on the cleaned face, wait for 10 minutes, and then wash your face with warm water. If you use it continuously for half a month, you can cure acne.

Wild chrysanthemum Decoction to eliminate acne

Wash the wild chrysanthemum and fry it in water. After cleansing, apply an appropriate amount to your face for about 10 minutes each time, three times a day, for a long time.

Banana olive oil facial mask

Prepare bananas and olive oil, put a banana on a plate, press it into a mud with a tablespoon, add an appropriate amount of extra pure virgin olive oil in the squeezing process, and make a banana facial mask, and then apply it twice a week to your face to make your skin delicate and beautiful.

Yogurt acne removing method

The method of removing acne marks with yogurt is very simple. You don’t need to prepare yogurt specially. Every time you drink the leftover yogurt, you can smear it on the place with acne marks, spend the night directly, and wash it off the next day. Tips: yogurt should be low-fat or defatted as far as possible to avoid fat granules due to excessive nutrients. Precautions: develop good eating and sleeping habits, eat less spicy food, supplement vitamin C, such as lemon and tomato, and drink more water or lemonade.

Potato chip acne removing method

How to do it: wash the potatoes and cut them into thin slices. Be careful to cut them very thin so that they will stick stably and help absorption. Stick them for about 15 minutes. Take them off and wash your face.

Good living habits

At ordinary times, we should develop good living habits, pay attention to the hygiene of the face and hands, wash our face with warm water, avoid using alkaline soap, and do not use greasy and irritating cosmetics, so as to avoid further filling hair follicles and aggravating acne. Don’t squeeze, pinch, pinch, etc. with your hands, so that inflammatory bacteria will develop to the deep. In case of acne, go to a professional acne removing agency for treatment in time. Only after a sufficient course of treatment can the effect be achieved. Do not buy drugs from yourself. Never use external drugs containing hormones to avoid aggravation of the disease.

Ensure adequate sleep

Carefully experience relaxation, quietness, and channels and collaterals. Yin and yang are in balance. You can usually fall asleep by meditating slowly every night. Avoid emotional anxiety and tension, keep optimistic and happy mood, combine work and rest, and keep stool smooth.

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