The study said that 45 minutes of nap increased memory by 5 times

In the new study, Professor Axel miklinger and his colleagues asked a group of participants to learn 90 words and 120 pairs of unrelated phrases (such as “milk taxi”). After that, some of the participants watched the DVD while the rest slept. When retested, the sleeping group remembered more words than the DVD group.

Professor micklinger said that during sleep, the outbreak of brain activity called “sleep spindle wave” plays an important role in consolidating the new information learned. Only a 45-60 minute nap can improve the memory ability of the brain to retrieve information by five times. The memory performance of the sleep group participants after noon nap was as good as when they just completed the learning stage before going to bed. Research shows that napping can help people keep more memory information.

The research results show that short-term siesta is enough to significantly improve the learning success rate. After a period of concentrated learning, short-term relaxation and sleep will lead to higher learning and memory efficiency.

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