8 healthy habits for life

I went out for an outing on the weekend. According to the British medical journal Epidemiology and public health, people who live within 800 meters of green space are healthier than those who live far away from green space. In addition, people who often go on outings and come into contact with nature are less anxious, and their digestive system is less susceptible to infection.

I cook myself. A study by the University of Cambridge found that elderly people who like to cook at home live longer than those who often eat takeout. Scientists believe that cooking by oneself can better control the ingredients and freshness of food, and it is also easy to master the amount of food taken.

I like standing. The harm of sedentary is well known. If you have to sit in the office for 8 hours every day, you should stand up for 7.5 minutes every hour, or walk around the office. You can walk a few more streets for lunch, or park your car away from the office and force yourself to stand and walk more.

I don’t drink sweet drinks. Research published in the Journal of diabetes nursing found that low sugar drinks can induce metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes. People who often drink low sugar drinks are fatter or more likely to be overweight than those who don’t, so drinking more boiled water is the best strategy.

Sunscreen when you go out. Even in winter and cloudy days, we should do a good job in sunscreen. Research has proved that using sunscreen products every day can halve the incidence of melanoma. In addition, studies in Australia have also found that sunscreen products can delay skin aging.

Can use a condom. In addition to preventing sexually transmitted diseases, condoms also have contraceptive effects. Guttmacher society, the US reproductive health agency, pointed out that safe sex life is conducive to family happiness, more stable gender relations and closer relations with children. Conversely, families are more likely to break up.

He is good at dealing with people. Research shows that strong contacts can bring health benefits, so call your family for a chat or ask friends to get together.

I exercise every week. Experts suggest that there should be 30 minutes of moderate intensity aerobic exercise every day, five days a week. The American Heart Association also suggests that strength exercises, such as lifting dumbbells, should be carried out at least two days a week to not only have a healthier heart, but also prevent osteoporosis and reduce the risk of diabetes.

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