Hold the mobile phone for a long time, and be careful that your fingers are deformed

Japan’s Sankei Shimbun reported on March 12 that NTT and DoCoMo warned people on their official websites that if they held the mobile phone with their little thumbs for a long time, they might deform their fingers. This topic caused heated discussion on the Internet for a while. In this regard, experts pointed out that “the so-called finger deformation is due to the keratinization of the stimulated part.”

It is reported that DoCoMo company issued an article on the 5th calling on everyone to “frequently change the way of holding a mobile phone and take a proper rest” over the online debate on “whether finger deformation is caused by long-term use of a mobile phone.” And published a picture of a deformed little thumb.

Naoto hiragawa, director of the Niigata Hand Surgery Research Institute Hospital (senlung CHO, Niigata Prefecture), explained after seeing the online picture of the deformed little finger, “in fact, the little finger is not deformed, but the skin is keratinized to form something similar to a cocoon. However, if you use the same posture for a long time, it may also cause deformation of the finger joint.”

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