How to choose underwear straps in summer

The main function of shoulder straps is to lift the breast, and the second is to shape the breast and body. Whether fixed or shaped, making the breast straight is the most basic. In order to pull up the breast, the shoulder strap should use a tightly woven ribbon with a certain thickness. But if it is tightened too tightly, it will make the shoulder muscles uncomfortable. Therefore, the shoulder strap should be flexible to make us more relaxed during activities.

In bra design, shoulder strap is a very important part. In terms of form, the shoulder strap style designed to match different outerwear brings us a lot of convenience when wearing bras. What is more fundamental is that when buying bras for daily wear, they should be comfortable and fit, often depending on the different shoulder straps. If the shoulder strap often slips, it will make you very embarrassed in public.

thin shoulder

The shoulder radian is moderate, and the shoulder muscles are not thick; Clavicle and scapula are obvious. Most girls have this kind of shoulder. When choosing a bra, you can choose a design with the shoulder belt slightly on the outside, and the width of the shoulder belt can be narrower, which is commensurate with the shoulder of a single book. You can also choose the shoulder belt design in the middle to stabilize the lifting force of the breast. It should be noted that the thin shoulder shape should let the shoulder strap stick to the upper chest. When trying on, check whether there is a gap between the shoulder strap and the body.

The shoulder radian is moderate, the shoulder muscles are thick, and the collarbone and scapula are not visible. Not all fat people have such shoulders. Girls with large skeletons also have thick shoulders. When choosing a bra, you should choose a wider shoulder strap, which has enough tension and comfortable shoulders. It’s better to choose the shoulder belt in the middle or on the inner side. If it’s too lateral, it’s easy to slip off. Moreover, for girls with full breasts, it will appear loose in shape. In addition, girls with thick shoulders should pay attention to the fabric density when looking at shoulder straps. The front part of the shoulder strap is not elastic, which can better pull up the breast, and will not lose strong tension because the shoulder strap loosens after wearing for several times. It should be noted that thick shouldered girls generally have a fuller body shape, and choosing a bra with 3 / 4 or full cup widened shoulder straps will have a better effect.

Finally, for girls with dry oblique shoulders, choosing a shoulder belt with a U-shaped back design is not only less easy to slip off than a shoulder belt with a vertical design, but also more comfortable due to the combined force. Of course, if you need a bra with detachable straps, there is only one with vertical straps.

flat shoulder, commonly known as general’s shoulder

Because this kind of body shape is more heroic and powerful. This type of shoulder has a small radian, and the shoulder and elbow bones are more obvious. Opposite to oblique shoulders, flat shouldered girls wear bras, and shoulder straps are not easy to slip off. In solving the problem of sliding, the flat shoulder mainly pays attention to the inner and outer positions of the shoulder belt. But from the perspective of chest modeling, the flat shoulder shape looks square, which can be adjusted through the chest to make the shape less rigid.

If you are a narrow shoulder type flat shoulder, you can expand your breasts to both sides by wearing a bra with lateral shoulder straps, which can make your body look more relaxed, but pay attention to making the highest point of your breasts on the same line with the middle of the front clavicle. If you have wide shoulders and flat shoulders, you should wear a bra with shoulder straps on the inner side to concentrate your breasts and make your body look slimmer. But pay attention not to make the breasts too concentrated, and the cleavage is too obvious and not good-looking.

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