How to remove freckles after childbirth is better. How to remove freckles after childbirth is better

Because the mother’s hormone changes in her body during pregnancy lead to chloasma on her face, which belongs to pregnancy spots. Therefore, the best way to find freckle removal is the desire of mothers to achieve as soon as possible after childbirth, and postpartum freckle removal is not a short-term process. How can the effect of freckle removal be better after childbirth? Let’s have a look.

1. Don’t be anxious, irritable or melancholy, keep a calm mind and good mood.

2. Get enough sleep every day. Fall asleep before 11 o’clock. The best time for lymphatic detoxification is between 11 o’clock and 2 o’clock at night. Toxins in the whole body are metabolized at this time, and the skin is no exception.

3. Choose the right skin care products.

(1) Use natural ingredients and traditional Chinese medicine for freckle removal;

(2) Use foundation cream and powder to cover the color spots. The foundation make-up selected should be slightly darker than the skin color, so as to reduce the color difference between the spots and the skin and play a covering role.

(3) Avoid the sun, and choose sunscreens with different SPF (sun protection factor) according to different seasons.

4. Pay attention to your diet.

(1) Eat foods containing vitamin C, vitamin E and protein, such as tomatoes, lemons, fresh dates, sesame, walnuts, job’s tears, peanut, lean meat, fish, etc. Vitamin C can inhibit the transformation of metabolic wastes into colored substances, thus reducing the production of melanin; Vitamins can promote blood circulation, and proteins can promote skin physiological functions.

(2) Eat less greasy and spicy food, avoid smoking and alcohol, and do not drink too strong coffee.

There are many ways to remove freckles, but the effect varies from person to person. At present, the safest and most effective way to eliminate color spots is to use Chinese herbal medicines, especially natural ones, which are safe and reliable, treat symptoms and root causes, and are not easy to rebound.

The above are some small ways for women to remove freckles when they are in confinement. The effect of these methods is very good. At ordinary times, they also need to pay more attention to diet. Eat as many tomatoes as possible. Eating tomatoes often can improve the phenomenon of color spots.

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