Cheap sunscreen clothes are neither sunscreen nor breathable

many sunscreen clothes have no label

Online sunscreen clothes are selling well. What about physical stores? When the reporter visited some shopping malls in Xi’an yesterday, he found that there were various styles and bright colors of sunscreen clothes in the market, but the price was higher than that on the Internet, generally between 90 yuan and 300 yuan. Most clothes were marked with the words “sunscreen clothes” and “skin clothes”, but he could not find any parameters and relevant signs about sunscreen fabrics.

“Sunscreen clothes are light and thin, easy to carry, and also sunscreen. They sell very fast. I have bought them several times.” The owner of a clothing store near Lijia village told the reporter that most of the people who came to buy sunscreen clothes were young people. The picture shows bright colors, fashion and vitality. As for the manufacturing materials of sunscreen clothes, the owner said that he did not know, but only knew that they could protect against sun.

The reporter then visited several shopping malls and found that many sports brands and outdoor brands have also launched sunscreens of different materials and styles, and the price is relatively high, generally more than 200 yuan. The clerk told the reporter that their sunscreens are not only wind and rain proof but also UV resistant. But when the reporter looked at the label of the clothes, he found that the label only indicated that the fabric was “polyester fiber” and did not indicate that they could prevent UV rays.

poor quality sunscreen clothes cause skin diseases

In this regard, director Xin’an Junming of Xi’an hospital of traditional Chinese medicine said that there are indeed professional protective clothing that can prevent ultraviolet rays and radiation, but the cost is very high and the purpose is special. Most people do not need to wear that kind of clothing. In addition, regular sunscreen clothes should be marked with clear sunscreen parameters. The low-cost sunscreen clothes sold in the market are poor in permeability, easy to cause prickly heat if worn for a long time, resulting in skin allergy or dermatitis. Consumers should buy them with caution.

Professor Zhang, a polymer material major at Xi’an Jiaotong University who has conducted experiments for this purpose a few days ago, said that although sunscreen clothes have a certain sunscreen effect, they are definitely not as powerful as what is said on the website, and even not as good as ordinary clothes. Its sunscreen effect mainly depends on two aspects – the quality density and the transmittance of the material itself.

Experts from Shaanxi meteorological observatory said that to prevent ultraviolet rays in summer, first of all, avoid direct sunlight or reflective light sources, and do not go out when the sun is most toxic; Second, apply sunscreen and bring a sunshade. In terms of color selection, dark clothes have more sunscreen effect, but dark materials are also easy to absorb heat. It is suggested that women in summer can choose dark, loose long sleeve clothes; Eat more foods containing sun protection nutrients and less photosensitive foods, such as coriander and leek.

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