What are the basic knowledge of the hand-operated lifting clothes rack?

1. Hand crank: This is the core component and power source of the clothes rack. Shaking the hand shaker can drive the lifting and lowering of the drying rod of the clothes rack. It requires light shaking and reliable self-locking.

2. Corner device: it is an intermediate device when the lifting rope changes direction. It is required that the pulley rotates flexibly after long-term use, without stagnation and rope jumping.

3. Top device assembly: it is composed of two parts – top bracket and top cover. The top bracket plays a functional role and the top cover plays a decorative role. The top bracket shall be installed firmly without falling off, rust for a long time, and the pulley shall rotate flexibly without jamming and jumping; The top cover shall be free from rust, peeling, fading or leg color for a long time.

4. Clothes drying pole: This is a component that needs to pay attention to appearance very much. Clothes are hung on this component, and it is very eye-catching. Therefore, it is required to have sufficient rigidity (that is, it will not bend) and good surface treatment (bright, stable for a long time, resistant to dust, and comfortable to handle); Now they are all made of aluminum alloy.

5. Lifting rope: it is an important part connecting the hand crank and the clothes hanger rod. It is required to be free from rust, continuous strands and stiffness. Generally, 7 * 7 metal rope with a diameter of 1.2 ~ 1.8mm is used (galvanized iron wire was first used, but now fake stainless steel wire rope is used, and standard stainless steel is rarely used).

6. Hanging ball: the connecting piece between the lifting rope and the clothes drying pole shall be convenient, reliable and at least beautiful. It is generally made of aluminum alloy.

7. Pipe sleeve: because the clothes hanger rod is hollow, the end is not good-looking, so it needs an end cap. It is required that the size is appropriate and not easy to fall off.

8. Clothes support: it is a small clothes rack hanging on a clothes drying pole. Generally, a set of clothes racks is equipped with 12-18, most of which are made of plastic, and few high-grade ones are made of aluminum alloy.

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