What are the two common methods of essential oil freckle removal

There are spots on your face, just like something that can’t be washed off on your clothes. You always feel that it is eyesore, but your face is not like clothes that can be thrown away. The spots on your face can only be patiently removed. Women who want to remove freckles do not want to remove them through surgery. They usually buy a variety of freckle removing products to use, but will they be effective? Have you heard of essential oil freckle removal? Essential oil freckle removal is not only safe but also effective. Here are two small ways to remove freckles with essential oil.

First of all, do you know what essential oil is? Essential oil is an oil-like substance with characteristic aroma, which is prepared from the roots, stems, leaves, flowers and fruits of plants by distillation, pressing, extraction, adsorption and other methods. Essential oils extract the most essence of plants. Different kinds of essential oils have different functions. Some essential oils can calm the skin, some can eliminate inflammation and sterilization, some can relax the body, and some can whiten and remove spots. Therefore, essential oils are welcomed by women.

Using essential oil to remove freckles is not very complicated. Here are the methods.

1: Frankincense Essential Oil freckle removing

Materials: Frankincense Essential Oil, castor oil.

Preparation: add 10 drops of Frankincense Essential Oil to 1 teaspoon of castor oil, and then store the mixture in a closed container.

Usage: rub the mixture on the spots twice a day. If the spots are concentrated, they will drop on the whole area. If there are only one or two spots, the cotton swab will drop on the spots.

2: Rose essential oil freckle removing

Materials: Rose essential oil, angelica powder, peach kernel powder, Angelica dahurica powder, mung bean powder, white Poria cocos powder, white and powder.

Preparation: 50g of each of the above six kinds of traditional Chinese medicine powder are mixed and bottled for use. Then take 1 tablespoon of the Chinese medicine powder mixed in the bottle and put it into the bowl. Add rose water and mix well. Add 3 drops of rose essential oil and mix well. After adjustment, evenly apply the facial mask on your face with a small brush and wash it off after 20 ~ 30 minutes.

Among them, rose essential oil can activate blood, lighten spots, whiten and activate skin; Angelica sinensis and peach kernel promote blood circulation, remove blood stasis and lighten spots; Angelica dahurica, mung bean, white umbellate, whitening and moisturizing.

How about essential oil freckle removal? Is it very simple? Materials used for essential oil freckle removal are very common and can be sold in general large shopping malls. If you also have eyesore spots on your face, you may as well buy some essential oils to try. As long as you can persist, essential oil freckle removal will be effective.

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