10 wonderful functions of toilet water teach you to choose correctly

1. Shampoo and bath

When we wash our hair and bath, we can add a few drops of toilet water to the water, so that it can cool, remove heat, refresh, sterilize, dispel prickly heat and stop itching while washing.

2. Hand cleaning and sterilization

When we go out, our hands inevitably come into contact with public facilities. We can drop flower dew on the palms of our hands and rub them to clean them.

3. Clean telephones and mobile phones

Phones and mobile phones are easy to spread bacteria, so we can often clean the body, receiver and buttons of phones or mobile phones with clean paper towels dipped in a little toilet water.

4. Cleaning underwear

For the intimate underwear that needs to be washed separately, add a few drops of toilet water to the clean water before washing, then put the underwear in it, soak it for about 15 minutes, then rub it with washing soap, rinse it with clean water and dry it in the sun, so that the underwear after washing is fresh and comfortable without peculiar smell.

5. Clean towels and masks

Towels and masks often used can also be soaked and washed with water containing toilet water to kill bacteria.

6. Wipe the mat

In summer, we often lie on the mat to rest. The mat covered with sweat is very uncomfortable. You can wipe the mat with water dripping with toilet water every day to keep it fresh and clean.

Note: it is best to wipe along the grain of the mat when wiping, so that toilet water can penetrate into the grain gap of the mat.

7. Clean bedding

It is easy to attach dust mites to bed products, so after washing, immerse the bed products in water containing toilet water for a few minutes and then air them, which can effectively eliminate dust mites on the bed products and maintain the health of the room.

8. Spray room disinfection

Prepare clean water and toilet water in a ratio of 40:1 (roughly), put them into a water spray bottle and evenly spray the floor of the living room (especially the dead corner of the room), then close the doors and windows for 10 minutes, and then open the windows for ventilation. It can be sprayed once in the morning and once in the evening. If conditions permit, it can be sprayed several times more to make the air in the room clean as new.

9. Sterilization of personal belongings

We can drop a few drops of toilet water into the abandoned perfume bottle and spray it on the clothes, bags and other personal belongings to avoid bringing bacteria into the home and leave a faint fragrance.

10. Floor cleaning

Before wiping the floor, drop some toilet water into the water used to wash the mop, which can sterilize and deodorize.

The above-mentioned methods can effectively help us solve some household problems. The efficacy of toilet water in sterilization and cleaning mainly comes from the fact that the raw materials for making toilet water are mainly lavender oil with fragrance, and also rose musk type. Their alcohol concentration is 70% – 75%.

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