Do you use whitening products correctly? Do you use whitening products correctly

Whitening products are indispensable skin care products for many women. Some people will bring a whole set of whitening products into their pockets to achieve better whitening effects. But you know what? Whitening products can not be applied to the face indiscriminately, and using whitening products also requires skills!

Step 1: wet apply lotion

You may think that wet compress is no different from facial mask, which is of course different. Facial mask is a powerful supplement to essence for skin, and wet compress cotton pad dipped with lotion for 5 minutes on your face can instantly absorb more moisture in the stratum corneum. When the moisture in the stratum corneum is sufficient, the skin will look more transparent.

Step 2: whitening essence + finger flick

General whitening essence pays attention to removing the melanin on the surface, but if you don’t cure it, your whitening won’t last. Application method of whitening essence:

After the whitening essence is applied to the face, it needs to be flicked like a piano with the finger pulp to help the whitening skin quickly penetrate and absorb. Do not wipe.

Step 3: Nourishing Cream + finger massage

When using nourishing cream, ordinary maintenance can be thin rubbed and combined with finger abdominal massage to improve absorption. If the skin is dark and dry, you can apply it to sleep. The next day, you can wipe off the excess that has not been absorbed.

Step 4: sunscreen is very important

Sunscreen is really important. No matter how lazy you are to make up before going out, you should remember to wear sunscreen isolation. Especially now that ultraviolet rays are so rampant and all kinds of pollution are rampant, if we don’t protect our skin well, we will not only have various inflammation outbreaks and black spots, but also grow old!

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