What method can whiten effectively? What methods can effectively whiten

As the saying goes, “one white covers three ugly”, bright, white and tender skin is the pursuit of every girl. So how to whiten? Here’s how to quickly whiten your face and make your skin white and tender.

Eat more black food

Eat more foods that can whiten and inhibit melanin, such as mango, coriander, pumpkin, carrot, celery, tomato, etc., and eat more vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin C, such as lemon, citrus and strawberry.

Rose water whitening

Soak the rose in water for a week, add alcohol to apply it to your face, and gently pat it in the morning and evening every day to absorb it, which can whiten and remove acne.

Carrot juice whitening

Squeeze the carrots into juice, add an appropriate amount of milk, stir well, and then apply it to your face. It can be used to apply to your face before going to bed, which can effectively whiten and remove freckles.

Baking soda whitening

Put the facial cleanser and baking soda together in the palm of your hand and rub them into a delicate foam to wash your face, which can clean the same color of your skin, shrink pores, remove blackheads and whiten your skin.

Honey lemon whitening

Egg white, honey, lemon juice, olive oil, flour. Put egg white, honey, olive oil, flour and lemon juice into the bowl of facial mask, and stir well to form a paste. After washing your face, you can apply a facial mask for about 20 minutes, and then wash it with warm water. Efficacy: it has the effect of delaying aging and whitening, as well as significant freckle and pigment removal, so that your skin becomes white and tender.

Cucumber pearl powder whitening

Cucumber, pearl powder, honey, facial mask bowl. Squeeze cucumber into juice, mix in pearl powder, stir well, and then add honey. After washing the face, you can apply a facial mask, and after applying it for 30 minutes, you can wash it with milk. Efficacy: stick to this freckle removing method for a month, and it will have obvious effect.

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