Does collagen have an effect on freckling and dullness? Does collagen have any effect on freckling and dullness

Composition description of collagen

1. Active low molecular weight collagen

Adopting internationally advanced production technology, the macromolecular collagen is enzymatically hydrolyzed into low-molecular-weight collagen that can be largely absorbed by the human body, with high activity and easy absorption.

2. Vitamin C

Promote the synthesis of collagen, and whiten and remove freckles on the skin.

3. Hyaluronic acid

The natural moisturizing factor can promote the absorption of nutrients by the skin and protect the young angel of the skin.

4. Fruit fiber

Promote intestinal peristalsis, facilitate digestion and detoxification, and maintain body shape.

5. Grape seed

Natural body cosmetics have the effects of whitening, improving allergic constitution, removing spots, preventing radiation and ultraviolet rays.

When consumers buy collagen products, they need to consider comprehensively: raw material source, process, purity, color, taste, clarity, molecular weight, ash content and other indicators. This is comprehensive, not just one indicator. Of course, cost performance is also the primary consideration.

What are the effects of collagen on freckle removal and face darkening?

Collagen is now the most popular skin care product. Both skin care products and health care products emphasize that collagen is a good choice to maintain a young and attractive look. Is collagen effective in removing freckles and darkening your face? Let’s make a brief analysis below, hoping to help you!

The most fundamental reason for the formation of spots is often the deposition of melanin or the appearance of some harmful substances on the surface of the skin. Once formed, it indicates that the internal structure of the skin has been damaged. At this time, the treatment from the surface of the skin has almost no effect, and the key to the root cause must be to regulate the internal circulation of the skin.

Collagen contains a large number of moisturizing factors, which prevent tyrosine in the skin from being converted into melanin, accelerate metabolism, shorten the skin metabolic cycle, promote the rapid and normal exfoliation of the stratum corneum, remove dead skin and grow a new skin layer, so as to dilute the formed color spots and finally completely remove the color spots.

Active collagen can directly penetrate into the bottom layer of skin and has good affinity with surrounding tissues. It can help cells to produce collagen and promote the normal growth of skin cells. At the same time, active collagen itself also has the effect of anti-inflammatory and skin renewal. Generally, this is the biggest selling point of businesses in the market.

The plump collagen layer in the dermis supports the skin cells, combines the functions of moisturizing and inhibiting wrinkles, and jointly achieves the effect of stretching coarse lines and desalinating fine lines! Give skin elasticity, make skin smooth, bright, plump, wrinkle stretch, and increase skin moisture.

However, at the same time, we also need to remind that since the formation of spots takes a long time, it also needs a certain process to repair from the inside. Please keep a calm mind. Do not blindly pursue rapid freckle removal, misuse skin care products containing lead and mercury, and cause further damage to the skin! It is recommended that the effect of internal and external use will be faster, generally it will take 2-4 months to initially take effect, and it will take about 6 months for a satisfactory repair effect.

Does the human body rely on collagen?

There are two main ways for the human body to supplement collagen: one is to take collagen orally, but to use collagen externally (injection and external application). Collagen has an excellent promoting effect on skin maintenance, but is it dependent on collagen?

How can oral collagen beverage effectively form skin collagen? The morphology of collagen is the key. Years of research by the scientific research center have proved that daily intake of 5g of micromolecular active collagen is enough to supplement daily needs. As micromolecular active collagen is the basic molecule of skin collagen structure, it will not be directly absorbed by gastric acid decomposition. Therefore, all of it can be used by the skin to synthesize collagen. After being digested, ordinary collagen can only randomly synthesize proteins from various parts of the body, and even if you supplement more, you can not ensure that it reaches the skin.

Collagen can not be taken at any time. Brands specializing in the production of oral collagen will definitely recommend that you drink it after meals. Because the absorption of collagen requires the help of enzymes secreted by the small intestine stimulated by food, without them, the absorption effect will be greatly reduced. In addition, the collagen added every day has become a part of the skin tissue. Even if you stop taking it, the skin state will only slide naturally at the height after being lifted, so the collagen will not be dependent.

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