Traditional Chinese medicine conditioning methods for whitening and skin care what are the traditional Chinese medicine conditioning methods for whitening and skin care

We need to pay attention to some skin care methods. In daily life, many people will choose some cosmetics to protect their skin, which will make their skin look more beautiful. However, cosmetic skin care will also have certain side effects. Today, I will introduce the Chinese medical conditioning methods of whitening and skin care, which women need to pay attention to.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the dark and dry skin is caused by disorderly diet, imbalance of Qi and blood, kidney deficiency, and exposure of kidney color. Taking the methods of nourishing yin and kidney, generating essence and strengthening spleen, and harmonizing Qi and blood can make your face white, tender and moist.

Puji formula (traditional Chinese Medicine) freckle removing

Use chestnut thin skin, pound it into powder, honey and coat it. It has the function of invigorating blood, moistening skin and unfolding wrinkles. This prescription is an experienced prescription for treating wrinkles on the face. “The complete record of the Ministry of medicine” said that it could “make the skin and flesh wrinkle quickly and expand, and also cure the wrinkles of the old people’s faces.” “Chestnut thin skin” in the Chinese herbal freckle removing formula refers to the inner peel of chestnut, also known as chestnut, which can activate blood, circulate blood, and moisturize the skin; It also has astringent effect, can tighten the skin, and can make the skin delicate and wrinkled with moisturizing white honey.

Complete works of elixirs for various diseases: three flowers wrinkle removing solution: peach flowers in spring, lotus flowers in summer, hibiscus flowers in autumn, snow water or ice water to fry three flowers in soup in winter, and wash your face frequently. This Chinese herbal freckle removing formula can promote blood circulation, moisturize the skin and remove wrinkles. The “three flowers” in the formula can promote blood circulation and dissipate blood stasis, so that the meridians are unblocked, the blood flourishes the skin and wrinkles are removed.

Forbidden prescription of Lu family: Sun Xian maiden cream

9 grams of huangbaipi, 9 grams of native melon root, 21 jujubes, and grind them into paste. Get up early every day and wash your face with soup to remove wrinkles. Jujube, which can harmonize Yin and Yang, regulate Ying and Wei, regulate menstrual fluid, and replenish qi and blood, is a good food for ancient health practitioners. The combination of the three drugs of the Chinese herbal freckle removing formula has a better effect of nourishing and moistening the skin, delaying skin aging, and preventing and treating skin diseases. This formula can not only wash your face and keep your face from getting old, but also take a bath, which also has the effect of weight loss and skin care.

Waitai secret medicine: freckle removing liquid

Sheep bile, pig pancreas and asarum. The blood and fascia of the pig pancreas were picked out with bamboo sticks, and the sheep gall was cut; Pour into the pot, add some water, pig pancreas and asarum. After boiling for three times, filter the residue and take the liquid, and store it in a bottle for standby. Apply it to your face every night and wash your face with syrup the next morning. This Chinese herbal freckle removing method has the effects of dispelling wind and clearing fire, moistening and removing wrinkles, and treating freckles.

Lotus seed and longan soup

Raw materials: 30g of lotus seed and euryale seed, 50g of Coix seed, 8g of longan meat, and appropriate amount of honey.

Preparation method: select the above five flavors, add 500ml of water, boil them on a martial fire, and then boil them on a gentle fire for 1 hour. After they are soft and rotten, cool them slightly, take honey, mix them well, wait for them to warm, put them in a container, drink soup and eat lotus seeds, and take them all in one time.

Usage: This product can replenish the spleen, promote the circulation, stimulate the growth of skin cells, promote metabolism, and gradually whiten and refine the rough and dark skin. It is an effective cosmetic medicated diet and can be taken regularly.

In daily life, we should pay attention to regulating our blood and effectively supplement nutrition. Avoid kidney deficiency, and pay attention to conditioning methods, reasonable diet, and effectively promote metabolism, so as to avoid roughness and make the skin whiter and more delicate. At the same time, pay attention to some cosmetic medicinal meals, which can regulate internal power if taken regularly.

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