How should whelk be treated? How should acne be treated

How much do you know about acne care? Some people will look for various methods when they have acne, but they ignore the care of acne in daily life. The production of acne causes a lot of troubles in our daily life. We must pay attention to the problem from the details. What should we do if we have acne? Let’s take a look.

Avoid using convergent water

Astringent water will prick and feel very tight when applied to your face. This kind of product usually contains alcohol. In the long run, it may not only hurt your skin, but also prick more vigorously.

Apply honey and salt to your face

Dig two tablespoons of honey and a proper amount of salt and stir them together. According to a certain direction, it is best to be as thin and smooth as possible. Then, apply it on the forehead, cheeks, chin and other parts of the clean face, and massage it repeatedly for ten minutes. It is very helpful to eliminate acne, whiten and rejuvenate the skin.

Eat less cold food

Choose a refreshing moisturizer. The skin itself can only secrete oil, but can’t provide the water needed by the skin. Therefore, it needs to be injected into the skin from the outside. Choose a suitable moisturizing and skin care product. After cleansing in the morning and evening, replenish water and maintain the balance of water and oil on the surface of the skin.

Choose suitable skin care products

Choose cosmetics according to your skin type. Cosmetics with excessive oil content must not be used for oily skin. People with oily skin should not make up or reduce the number of times they make up, because they sweat and oil more in summer. Sweat stains and oil will block pores together with cosmetics on the face, making pores thicker. If you have to make up for work, you should quantify light makeup as much as possible.

Use skin care products that can control and clean grease

In the past, most oily skin care products could only wash off excessive oil on the face. Now, oily skin care products have the function of controlling and cleaning oil. They use biochemical or plant ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin, control the secretory function of sebaceous glands, and “absorb oil” on the surface of the skin to convert oil, shrink pores and reduce oil secretion. You can choose this kind of products with good reputation.

Pay attention to sunscreen measures

Once the ultraviolet ray in the sun passes through the acne wound and directly penetrates the epidermal layer, it will form black spots on the wound. Even after the acne disappears, it will still leave burn marks like black spots. If you are worried that the sunscreen is too oily, you can use a face towel to absorb the excess oil after applying the sunscreen. In this way, the function of sunscreen will not be affected and the burden of grease will be prevented.

Choose a cleansing cream for acne

Before washing your face, first wash your hands, and then rub the cleansing cream into your palms to create delicate foam. Wash your face gently in circles from inside to outside, with light force to avoid skin irritation. Note that the skin at the bun should also be washed and washed clean. But one of the principles of face washing is that you can’t wash your face more than four times a day. Put the firming water into the refrigerator, and use the refrigerated firming water after cleaning each time. It has the effect of astringent skin oil and shrinking pores.

Dressing face with radish juice

After washing the radish, put it into the pot and cook it completely until it is cooked and rotten. After holding the radish in the gauze, squeeze the juice, and then put the radish back into the pot to continue to pan, boil it until it is thick. When it is the most paste, evenly smear the radish solution on the places where there are youth pox. You can apply it as much as possible. The more serious places can be applied as thick as possible. You can adhere to applying it three times a day, Sticking to it for three or four days will have the effect of removing acne. This is a good method to treat acne. You can try it.

Yogurt facial mask

Add the remaining thick yogurt to a small amount of pearl powder at night, then stir it until it is evenly stirred into a paste, and then evenly smear it on the place with acne or the place with acne marks. After it dries a little, you can go to bed, sit for one night, and clean it when you wash your face the next day. This method can effectively remove acne and remove acne marks, And it also has a certain anti-inflammatory effect.

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