How many moves can I teach you to detoxify and eliminate acne? I’ll teach you some ways to detoxify and eliminate acne

During menstruation, the skin of some people will change greatly compared with that of ordinary people, which is manifested as greasy skin, loss of transparency, obvious skin capillaries, easy acne, black halo around the eyes, and so on. This is because during menstruation, hormones in the body change, progesterone fluctuates greatly, blood supply to the skin and sebum secretion increase, resulting in greasy skin and telangiectasia, skin becomes very sensitive, resistance decreases, and skin rash and hair follicle infection occur. In fact, women’s skin condition is closely related to hormone secretion. If we can master the changes before and after menstruation and adjust the maintenance methods, we can get twice the result with half the effort; Pulse light and fruit acid skin exchange are also better for time. The following tips for different periods of maintenance can help prevent skin problems from occurring and rejuvenate skin vitality. Premenstrual – anti acne and anti spot experts say that during the period before the beginning of menstruation, the increase of luteal hormone causes endometrial congestion and secretion of endometrial glands, which promotes hormone changes and gradually destabilizes the skin. It often appears dark, rough and easy to produce oil; Due to poor metabolism, people are most likely to develop acne, spots or swelling; At this time, it is necessary to strengthen metabolism and pay attention to sunscreen, so that acne and black spots will not appear. Maintenance method 1. Strong cleaning and anti acne: wash your face at least twice a day; For oily skin, use the mud like facial mask once a week, so that there is no chance for dirt to remain. Use products containing tea tree essential oil or salicylic acid and other anti acne ingredients at places where oil is easy to come out to sterilize and remove acne. 2. Spot prevention and exfoliation: apply or apply whitening products containing levo-c, tranexamic acid, arbutin and other ingredients to strengthen metabolism and reduce the chance of long spots. And papaya enzyme or non granular scrub cream can be used to gently exfoliate. Before and during menstruation – Chinese medicine regulates Qi and beautifies muscles. Before and during menstruation, people tend to be unstable and angry. It is suitable for cooling, tonifying and stabilizing nerves, regulating qi and increasing physical strength. 1. Shape back facial mask: several drops of Ginkgo or seaweed extract, 3 pieces of licorice, 1 / 2 spoonful of Angelica dahurica powder, add makeup blister facial mask paper for 2 hours. Apply twice a week to prevent redness. 2. Mulberry leaf returning tea mulberry leaf 2 yuan, Acorus tatarinowii 1 yuan, Polygonum multiflorum 4 pieces, soak in hot water for 10 minutes, 1 cup a day, drink for 3 days, can reduce the incidence of acne. Menstrual period – reduce the stimulation of menstruation caused by endometrial thickening and blood collapse. The body is weak, the ability to resist free radicals is poor, and the skin is prone to wax yellow, black circles under the eyes and edema. Minimize external stimuli, pay attention to sun protection, oil control and rest more; Avoid making face, exfoliating or using new skin care products. Therefore, when the skin is prone to redness, swelling and allergy, powder makeup can be used instead of liquid makeup to avoid pore blockage; Or use mineral makeup to avoid irritation. Maintenance methods: 1. Take more rest and supplement iron, sleep well, and eat spinach, vitamin B groups, soybeans and other foods containing phytoestrogen to improve skin quality and reduce greasy food. 2. Low sensitivity physical sunscreen containing titanium dioxide and other ingredients for heavy sunscreen and little makeup. It’s best to avoid makeup. If you need to make up, you should wear light makeup. Follicular period – strengthen renewal experts say that after menstruation, with the release of follicle stimulating hormone from the hypothalamus of the brain in preparation for the next ovulation, the skin will be renewed, the skin condition will gradually stabilize, and emotional anxiety will also be improved; At this time, we should seize the opportunity to get rid of the old and make new ones. First, we should moisturize and adjust the moisture content of the skin, which can intensively strengthen the renewal and whitening of the skin, and also better adapt to the milder courses of medical beauty such as acid skin replacement and whitening introduction. Maintenance methods: 1. Moisturizing and whitening: no matter in the day or at night, you should wear moisturizing products. Usually, you can spray moisturizing makeup water or spray to strengthen skin moisture; Intensive Whitening or skin changing products, such as ampoules and facial mask, also have good effects. 2. Functional treatment of medical cosmetic methods such as fruit acid skin replacement and whitening introduction, which helps metabolize the hypertrophic stratum corneum. 3. Exfoliation: generally, granular scrub products can be used to exfoliate at home to improve the metabolic effect; Oily skin can be metabolized with mud like facial mask. Remember to apply moisturizing products. Ovulation period – with the increase of estrogen, the skin becomes smooth and ruddy, full of elasticity, less emotional fluctuations, and even without makeup, it has a good look. At this time, the skin condition is stable, the maintenance ingredients are most easily absorbed, and the intensive anti-aging and moisturizing products have the best effect; It is also suitable for trying new skin care products or doing spa. Medical cosmetology, such as skin pulling, laser treatment, plastic surgery and other more challenging courses, has better adaptability and resilience. Maintenance method 1. Medical beauty can be treated by pulse light, magnetic wave or electric wave skin pulling. The skin has good adaptability and is not easy to become red and swollen after surgery. 2. Apply it to the face at least twice a week to strongly nourish the skin. At this time, the skin is stable and easy to absorb the maintenance ingredients, especially the moisturizing and anti-aging facial mask, which has excellent effect. TCM conditioning after menstruation – metabolic detoxification during the follicular and ovulatory periods after menstruation, the pores shrink and the edema condition also improves. Chinese herbal ingredients can be used to accelerate the elimination of residual body toxins. Maintenance method: 1. Several drops of angelica or seaweed extract, 1 coin of mint, 1 coin of Salvia miltiorrhiza, 1 coin of Bletilla striata powder, 10ml of make-up water or distilled water, soak the facial mask in paper for 2 hours, apply it twice a week, and store several more pieces in the refrigerator. Try to use them up within 1 week; Helps skin metabolism and whitening. 2. Regulate qi and travel smoothly. The tea fragrance is attached with 1 coin, several golden jujubes and 1 coin of Ligustrum lucidum. After boiling, soak it for 10 minutes, one cup a day, which can be drunk for 5-7 days. It can warm and nourish the spleen and stomach, nourish yin and blood, and strengthen the detoxification effect.

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