What are the whitening methods for different skin types in March

From make-up lotion to isolation cream, all major brands have prepared enough new products. If they want to completely update their skin in March, they should pay attention to dexterity rather than brutality. Everyone should re study the whitening course and become a true whitening king. Q: Why does the skin turn black? A: In order to resist ultraviolet rays. There is a cell in human skin called melanocyte, which produces melanin in order to help the skin resist the damage of ultraviolet rays. Melanin comes to the surface of the skin with keratin cells, and metabolism will metabolize these melanins to restore the original color of the skin. However, if the metabolism is slow, the melanin cells can not be metabolized normally, which will cause melanin deposition, darken the skin or form color spots. Q: Can people who are born with very dark skin turn white depending on the maintenance after tomorrow? A: Whitening does not mean unlimited whitening. The real healthy and whitening skin is natural and shiny from the base layer to the surface layer. The whiteness of the skin has its bottom line, and the skin on the inner thigh is the bottom line of your whitening. Check the inner thigh skin that can’t be exposed to the sun. That’s the whitest level you can achieve. Q: Won’t my skin turn black if I don’t get the sun indoors? A: Don’t think that if you hide indoors, your skin will not be harmed by ultraviolet rays. Long wavelength ultraviolet rays (UVA) will shine through the glass window. In addition, fluorescent lamps also have ultraviolet rays, which will stimulate the skin to produce melanin. In addition, the indoor air-conditioning environment will cause dry skin, which will easily produce fine lines and make your face more gloomy. Q: Why are Asian women more prone to color spots? A: Ozone hole, environmental pollution, ultraviolet rays and other problems are more serious in Asia. The thermal immune proteins in the human body are damaged by the climate and environment and reduce their secretion. They can not normally protect the skin. Melanocytes frequently secrete melanin, so the problem of melanin formation in Asians is more serious.

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