Different skin types have different ways to improve skin dullness

There is pigmentation in the skin, resulting in yellowing of the skin. Yellow skin may be due to insufficient rest and nutrition. It is also related to the radiation of the computer. If you face the computer every day, your skin will easily become dry and yellow. The computer screen generates static electricity. In this process, many tiny fine dust pours on your face. Therefore, in terms of eating, we should pay attention to vegetables and fruits that can whiten and rejuvenate our skin. We should thoroughly clean our skin at night, and we can also do more skin care and facial mask, so that our skin may gradually become white and tender.

first, what is the cause of dark yellow skin?

1. Lack of sleep

Sleep at night is the most active time for skin cells to renew. New cells will grow and aging keratinocytes will be discharged. If you go to bed too late or don’t get enough sleep, your metabolic function will no longer be smooth, resulting in the thickening of the aged cuticle, the loss of transparency of the skin, and the graying and dark color of the skin. Even if you sweep on more bright makeup colors, you can’t cover up the dullness of your face. If you want even and bright skin, you’d better go to bed before 12:00 every night!

2. Pressure

When we are under pressure, our body will be in a tense state, resulting in vasoconstriction, poor blood circulation and darkening of our face. When you are too tired, the metabolism of your skin is slow, and your face becomes darker due to the accumulation of horniness. If the skin is dry, the moisture in the stratum corneum is insufficient, the complexion is dark, and the lack of transparency will be more serious.

3. Smoking

Smoking will constrict the microvessels and worsen the blood circulation. As a result, the skin is in a state of hypoxia and the face will naturally become pale. Cigarettes can also destroy vitamin C. smoking a cigarette will cause you to lose 25-100mg of vitamin C. vitamin C can inhibit melanin and help skin renew, which is very important for skin health. In addition, the smoke of smoking will also stain the pores and make the skin darker.

4. Incomplete cleansing

When foundation make-up is on the skin for a period of time, it will mix with sebum and dust to form dirt, and then oxidize and deteriorate. If you don’t clean your face thoroughly, dirt will remain on your face, and your skin will be dull and dull. The position of the alar nose where the cortex secretes the most is the most important place to pay attention to, and when dirt is attached to the pores of the nose, the problem is more serious. On the other hand, when the oxidized foundation make-up continues to contact with ultraviolet rays, it will form lipid peroxide and disrupt the rhythm of skin metabolism, which requires special attention.

5. Ultraviolet ray

UVA will penetrate into and destroy the dermis, damage collagen fibers and elastic fibers, make them degenerate, leave lumps in the dermis, and make the skin lose the sense of clarity and turn yellow and dark.

II. Improve skin dullness according to different skin types

1. Sunlight exposure type

Often shopping and outdoor activities, without sun protection measures, skin will produce melanin by itself to avoid being damaged by ultraviolet rays, which will lead to this kind of dullness.

Battle strategy: do a good job in sunscreen every day, fight against light aging, and use appropriate whitening and maintenance products, regardless of whether it is cloudy or sunny.

Trick: lemon dressing

As long as you use lemon, you can restore the “smooth and white” of your eyes. However, before applying, you should remember to immerse the lemon in water for a while, then cover it with gauze and wait for 5 minutes.

2. Cuticle hypertrophy type

This type of dullness mainly occurs in people with oily skin, because the metabolism of the skin is not smooth, and too much old waste horniness can not be replaced and renewed, resulting in uneven and rough cuticle arrangement and dullness of the skin. Although people with oily skin are less likely to wrinkle, once the skin with too oily and thick cutin ages, it is difficult to remove the deep wrinkles, and the ugly complexion will make you look ten years older.

Battle strategy: do a good job of oil control and care, and regulate the water and oil balance of skin. At the same time, in order to avoid large pores, use appropriate acidic ingredients, plant particles, enzymes and other ingredients to exfoliate and tighten pores.

Tip: wash your face with rice washing water

Some nutrients such as starch, protein and vitamins are dissolved in the rice washing water, which can decompose the oil stain on the face, dilute the pigment and prevent the appearance of fat particles. If you wash your face with Taomi water for a long time, your skin will become smooth, bright and elastic.

Yellow skin has its roots. Some are caused by bad living habits, and some may be organic problems. According to clinical research, 80% of skin problems are related to liver, spleen and kidney dysfunction. For example, the liver directly affects the blood vessels, and when the liver is hot or the liver Qi is stagnant, it is easy to form Qi and blood blockage, which affects the blood circulation of the face and makes the skin naturally dull; The spleen governs digestion and absorption. If the spleen is deficient, the absorption of nutrients in food and the transformation of energy will be affected. Yellow skin and long spots will follow; In ancient medicine, “kidney dominates black” means that deficiency of the kidney will cause dark and yellow skin. Therefore, after diagnosis, you should prescribe the right medicine according to your own etiology and regulate endocrine, which is the key to improving skin. I also hope this article is really helpful to everyone.

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