What are the tips of summer whitening? What are the tips of summer whitening

Having white and smooth skin is what every woman wants very much, and whitening is also the most basic step of skin care. The development of whitening today is no longer a simple desire to change the skin color on the face, but to change the skin from inside to outside to resist the traces of time.

How is summer whitening best?

1. Exfoliate

When the skin is too tired, the new metabolism will be disrupted. At this time, there is no way to discharge melanin from the epidermis, which will make the skin look dull and lusterless. At this time, removing the old stratum corneum in time can improve the brightness of the skin, whiten it fully, and make the skin dry and clean.

2. Whitening products that promote skin blood circulation

The blood circulation of transparent skin is very vigorous, and the color is also natural and rosy. When you often work overtime and lack sleep or often stay up late, the blood circulation speed will slow down, and the skin will become dull at this time. Therefore, for the dark skin, it is very important to choose a whitening product suitable for promoting blood circulation. Vitamin C and other antioxidant ingredients can be used to promote blood circulation, and at the same time, some massages can be properly coordinated. Make your skin white and red.

3. After sun care is very important

Often do some outdoor activities in the hot summer or just after the summer, everyone will be tanned. At this time, whitening is very important. It is not easy to turn white immediately after being tanned by the sun. You should take moisturizing care for a period of time to ease the toughness of the skin and start whitening. You can choose one cycle of whitening facial mask. This can accelerate the metabolism of melanin and help the skin recover to its original whiteness. If you want to whiten your skin quickly after summer, it is recommended to use the whitening essence for about a month, so that you won’t look like a fisherman who has just returned from the seaside after winter.

What are the tips for whitening?

1. Carrot juice whitening

As we all know, carrots are very rich in vitamin A, which will be converted into substances required by the human body in our bodies. They have the effects of lubricating the skin and resisting skin cancer, and can effectively prevent and treat rough skin, fade freckles, and make the skin look more delicate. You can mash carrots every day, wash your face with carrot juice or apply it to your face in the morning and evening. And drinking a cup of fresh carrot juice can alleviate freckles very well.

2. Loofah juice facial mask whitening

Select a fresh loofah to remove the skin, then put it in the juicer to squeeze it into juice, then add a small amount of flour to prepare a paste, evenly smear it on the face, and wash it with water after it is dry. Loofah contains a lot of vitamins, which also has a good moisturizing and whitening effect on the skin, especially it can be diluted. Let the skin look flawless from inside to outside.

In addition, I believe many people know that tofu whitening is rich in daidzein, which also contains a lot of estrogen. Daidzein can activate the active cells of the skin and restore the state of young people. Each time you choose a piece of tofu to mash it, evenly smear it on your face, wash it with water after about 15 minutes, and persist in using it twice a week. After a month, you will find that your skin becomes much whiter.

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