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Tea beauty, try it! Mint tea ingredients: 30g fresh mint (10g dry)

Usage: wash and crush, and then brew with hot boiled water

Efficacy: nourishing and moisturizing

It can dispel wind, clear heat and relieve pain, eliminate summer anger and gastrointestinal depression, and also treat summer hot colds

It has obvious effect on treating wind heat toothache

Ingredients of Shengdi runji tea: 20g of Shengdi, 25g of Centella asiatica, 25g of hawthorn, and an appropriate amount of rock sugar

Usage: chop the first three flavors together, grind them into coarse powder, mix them well, fry them in water, add rock sugar, and drink instead of tea

Efficacy: clear heat and cool blood, nourish skin

Suitable for rough skin, aging, itching, etc

Blood nourishing beauty tea material: 10g green fruit, longan meat, and wolfberry fruit, with appropriate amount of rock sugar

Usage: wash the first three flavors and put them into a tea cup, add rock sugar, brew with boiling water, and drink instead of tea

Efficacy: nourish blood and Yin, protect skin

Suitable for sallow complexion, dry skin and lean body

Lemon tea ingredients: 1 lemon

Usage: peel the lemon and cut it into slices (lemon peel juice will precipitate melanin). Drink in water and add rock sugar according to your taste

Efficacy: restore skin luster and elasticity

Lycium barbarum honey tea ingredients: 15g snow fungus, 25g Lycium barbarum and 10g coix seed

Usage: put snow fungus and Chinese wolfberry seeds into the pot, add appropriate amount of water, fry them into a thick juice over low heat, add appropriate amount of honey, and fry them for 5 minutes

Once every other day, take warm boiled water

Efficacy: Nourishing Yin and kidney, supplementing qi and blood, moistening skin

Hawthorn net noodle tea ingredients: 12 grams of angelica, 12 grams of hawthorn, 10 grams of fresh white skin and 10 grams of Tribulus terrestris

Usage: wash the above four flavors, put them into a tea cup, brew them with boiling water, and drink them instead of tea

Efficacy: nourishing blood and regulating liver, dispelling depression and removing stasis

For chloasma

Ingredients of ginger jujube beauty tea: 500g ginger, 250g jujube, 50g refined salt, 90g licorice, 15g clove and aloe, 200g fennel

Usage: wash the above materials, pound them into coarse powder, and mix them evenly

Take 10-15g every morning, fry or soak in boiling water

Efficacy: long term use can make your face ruddy and skin smooth

Yanmi tea ingredients: 25g bird’s nest, 15g honey jujube, proper amount of brown sugar

Usage: soak the bird’s nest with water to remove impurities, then put it into the pot together with the honey jujube (denuded), add water to cook until the honey jujube is cooked, and then add brown sugar to taste

Efficacy: nourish the face, remove wrinkles, and moisturize the skin

Fruit black tea ingredients: 15g hawthorn, 5g honeysuckle, 200g red bean, 100g rock sugar

Usage: first put hawthorn and honeysuckle into the pot, add appropriate amount of water, cook for 20 minutes, filter out the residue, add red beans, cook until cooked, and add a small amount of rock sugar to taste

Efficacy: appetizer, invigorate the spleen, clear away heat, nourish the face and beauty

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