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In the hot and humid summer, today, I’d like to introduce vegetarian foods that can detoxify. These foods not only taste refreshing and sweet, but also have a strong detoxification effect

1. Sweet potato the fiber contained in sweet potato is soft and easy to digest, which can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis and facilitate defecation

The best way to eat sweet potato is to roast it, and eat it together with the skin. It tastes refreshing and sweet

2. Mung bean mung bean has the effects of clearing heat, detoxifying, dehumidifying diuresis, relieving summer heat and thirst. Drinking mung bean soup more is beneficial to mung bean and reducing swelling. However, the cooking time should not be too long, so as not to damage organic acids and vitamins and reduce their effect

3. Oat oats can smooth the intestines and defecate, promote the volume of feces to become larger and the moisture to increase, and cooperate with fibers to promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, so as to play the role of defecation and detoxification

Beating steamed oats into juice is a good choice for drinking as a drink. Other ingredients, such as apples and raisins, can also be added when stirring, which is nutritious and can promote defecation! 4. Job’s tears can promote blood circulation and water metabolism in the body, exert diuretic and detumescence effects, and help improve edema obesity

Job’s tears water is a good detoxification method. After boiling job’s tears directly, add a little sugar according to your taste. It is a natural skin whitening care product

5. Millet millet does not contain gluten, does not stimulate the intestinal wall, is a relatively mild fiber, and is easy to digest, so it is suitable for eating with detoxification meals

Millet porridge is very suitable for detoxification, has the effect of clearing heat and diuresis, is rich in nutrition, and is also helpful for whitening

6. Brown rice brown rice is whole rice, which retains rice bran and is rich in fiber. It has the function of absorbing water and fat and a considerable sense of satiety. It can regulate the intestines and facilitate detoxification

Eating a bowl of brown rice porridge or a cup of brown rice soybean milk every morning is a good way to detoxify

7. Red bean red bean can increase gastrointestinal motility, reduce constipation and promote urination

You can stew and soak red beans in an electric pot for a period of time before going to bed, and drink sugar free red bean soup the next day as boiled water, which can effectively promote detoxification

8. Carrots carrots are very helpful for improving constipation and are also rich in β- Carotene, which can neutralize toxins

The detoxification effect of fresh carrots is better, because it can clear away heat and detoxify, moisten the intestines and relieve constipation. When beaten into juice and added with lemon juice, it is not only delicious, thirst quenching, but also conducive to detoxification

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