Beauty and skin care teacher: steps of beauty and skin care

How to have good skin? Of course, it is to use the right skin care products to do a good job of skin care

In fact, in addition to good skin care, reasonable vitamin supplementation can also make your skin more shiny

Regular and balanced diet can promote beautiful and healthy skin

Nutrients include animal and plant proteins, as well as vitamins B, e and C

In particular, vitamin B, which is wittily referred to as “beauty vitamin”, can be cited in the treatment of skin diseases

These vitamin B groups, C and E can make the capillaries unblocked and constantly supply the nutrients needed by the skin to promote the growth of healthy and tender skin

Vitamin A deficiency: skin ages quickly chondroitin sulfate is a highly viscous polysaccharide that requires a large amount of vitamin A in its synthesis

Insufficient vitamin A will naturally lead to a decrease in chondroitin sulfate synthesis, which will affect the health of the skin

In fact, both skin aging caused by vitamin A deficiency and skin aging in normal physiological process are related to the weakening of chondroitin sulfate synthesis ability. Therefore, vitamin A deficiency can accelerate skin aging

Vitamin A is also a nutritional component of important endocrine hormones such as thalamus and pituitary gland

When it is insufficient, the ovaries cannot send out normal hormone secretion instructions, resulting in low ovarian function, relatively increased male hormones, easy acne on the skin, and affecting the beauty of the skin

The ratio of carotene to vitamin A in colored vegetables is very high, so people can get enough vitamin A from vegetables

Of course, animal food is insufficient, and carotene cannot be well converted into vitamin A

Therefore, if you want to keep young and beautiful, you should eat as many animal foods with high vitamin a content as possible, such as liver, lean meat, egg yolk, etc

Vitamin B2 deficiency: acne prone rice, flour and oil we eat can be converted into human fat in the body

When the amount exceeds the needs of the human body, fat will be discharged from the sebaceous gland pores of the skin to the surface of the skin or stored in the pores

The fat in the pores is often the place where mites and pyogenic bacteria breed, so the fat is prone to acne, folliculitis and rosacea

Vitamin B2 deficiency can promote the occurrence of the above diseases

Because fat needs a lot of vitamin B2 when it is “burned”, fat lacking B2 will be stored in pores, resulting in increased skin secretion and acne

Fat “burning” requires not only vitamin B2 but also methionine

Protease is extremely low in grains and vegetables, and it exists in animal foods in large quantities, such as meat, liver, fish and eggs

Meat, liver, fish and eggs are also rich in B. to keep your skin beautiful, you should eat more of the above foods

Vitamin C deficiency: it is easy to have large pores. After many vitamin deficiency tests and observation and research of vitamin cases, many experts have found that the pores of skin will become large and hard like thorns due to vitamin C deficiency. The pores can be observed with a microscope with plugs like horns

The hair cannot stretch out and curls in the pores. The blood vessels around the pores are enlarged and congested, which can make acne more serious and difficult to heal when there is a wound

Vitamin C also has the effect of enhancing white blood cells and phagocytizing pyogenic bacteria

Vegetables contain flavin and vitamin C. if they are sufficient, the pyogenic bacteria will stop secreting enzymes. Therefore, people who eat a lot of vegetables are not prone to folliculitis, and their skin is shiny and beautiful

Flavin is the yellow substance dissolved in vegetable juice, and rutin is its representative

To sum up, skin beauty is closely related to vitamin A, B, C and methionine

It is not too much to say that they guarantee the beauty of skin

In addition to vitamin C, these nutrients are abundant in lean meat, liver, fish, eggs and other animal foods

Vitamin C is found in fresh yellow and green vegetables

Therefore, we should carefully design recipes and try to get enough nutrients from food to ensure eternal youth

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