What traditional Chinese medicine can dispel acne? What is the fastest way to dispel acne?

If you want good skin, you should not only use good skin care products, but also eat foods that are good for your skin, such as the following

To have a good skin, in addition to doing a good job of skin care every day, you should also eat more food that is helpful to your skin every day

The following foods have excellent beauty effects. Eating more of them everyday can make your beauty work twice the result with half the effort

Lemonade drinking a glass of lemonade every day can help digestion and detoxification in the body, and also help skin whitening

However, it should not be drunk during the day. Because lemon is a photosensitive food, it contains photosensitive substances, so it should be avoided from the sun. It is recommended to use it at night

Lemon is rich in vitamins, which can prevent the deposition of melanin and decompose melanin. It is a holy product for beauty and whitening

Before going to bed every night, soak grape seeds with 37 ℃ warm milk. Every time you drink, you can soak a little of them in facial mask paper, and then apply them to your face

In this way, the effect of internal adjustment and external application is doubled, and the whitening effect is obvious if you persist in using it for a period of time

Grape seeds are rich in vitamins, linoleic acid and a variety of amino acids, which can prevent melanin precipitation, reduce UV damage, and achieve the effect of whitening and brightening the skin

Fish skin the nutritional value and nourishing effect of fish skin are similar to other skins, but the cholesterol content is the lowest

People with high blood lipids who dare not eat other skins need not worry about eating fish skins

There are many ways to eat fish skin, and the most popular is cold fish skin

In addition, braised fish skin, sour and spicy fish skin, garlic braised fish skin and so on are also good attempts

When making fish skin, be careful not to blanch it too long, so as not to affect its crisp taste

People with bad stomachs should not eat more fish skin, which is more difficult to absorb. If you add vinegar, it will improve

Pig skin pig skin is the kind that people eat the most. Animal skin is rich in collagen, so it has the effect of moistening and nourishing the skin

Pig skin can moisten the lungs, while the lungs control the skin, so the best skin beautifying effect is pig skin

The most classic way to eat pork skin is pork skin jelly. As long as you clean the meat skin, cut it into shreds, put it in cooking wine and material bags and boil it for about 2 hours until the meat skin is ripe and the soup is thick, then add salt and sugar to taste, pour it into a container and let it cool and solidify

You can also cut pig skin into small pieces to make stuffing, and fill soup bags. The secret of the fragrant soup is it

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