How to remove freckles? What are the best ways to whiten and remove freckles with traditional Chinese medicine

How to remove freckles and what are the wonderful ways to remove freckles? This is something that everyone pays more attention to. In fact, there are more and more freckle removing products on the market. Do the chemical ingredients make you worry about the future. While worrying about the chemical composition, some products are not effective. Chinese herbal freckle removal is the oldest and most effective freckle removal method, which is chemical free and very natural. The following Xiaobian will share the secret recipe of Chinese herbal freckle removal to teach you the best way to whiten and remove freckles.

One material of the Chinese medicine whitening and freckle removing secret recipe: 100 grams of licorice, 400 grams of fresh ginger, 200 grams of red dates, 100 grams of fennel, 20 grams of dried cloves and 20 grams of dried aloe. Mix and mash the above materials into foam, put them into a clean container and seal them. After getting up in the morning, take an appropriate amount and take it with hot boiled water, one cup per day. If taken for a long time, it can inhibit the attempt of skin melanin, reduce color spots and whiten skin.

Chinese medicine whitening and freckle removing secret recipe 2 materials: lotus seeds, Euryale sauce, 80 grams of job’s tears, a little honey. Wash lotus seeds, Euryale sauce and job’s tears, add water to boil them until they are sticky, and then add honey to eat. It can effectively improve skin problems, refine pores and whiten skin. It can effectively alleviate skin aging and make skin moist and white.

Three materials of the Chinese medicine whitening and freckle removing secret recipe: 12 grams of Angelica sinensis, 9 grams of motherwort, 9 grams of zeylang, 9 grams of Angelica dahurica, 6 grams of Schizonepeta, 6 grams of Wuhuo, 4 grams of chuanxiong, 4 grams of bupleurum, and 3 grams of cicadas. Take the above ingredients together with water, one dose at a time, three times a day. It can improve the complexion of the face and is very effective in treating chloasma.

Four materials of the Chinese herbal whitening and freckle removing secret recipe: 15g raw land, 15g cooked land, 12g Ligustrum lucidum, 12g Polygonum multiflorum, 10g dry lotus root, 10g white peony, 10g Angelica sinensis, 9g donkey hide gelatin and 9g Lycium barbarum. Take the above materials together with water, one dose at a time, twice a day. It can treat kidney deficiency and blood deficiency, nourish blood, and has a very good effect on freckling.

Chinese herbal whitening and sunscreen can take full care of damaged skin

apply “three melon juice” to your face to remedy sunburn

Chinese medicine can make us whiten easily. Professor Wei said that Angelica dahurica is a traditional Chinese medicine for dispersing wind, removing cold and pain. It can promote local metabolism and blood circulation. Grind Angelica dahurica into a fine powder, and add pearl powder, which can not only calm the nerves but also whiten the skin. After you mix the two evenly, you can mix them with yogurt or egg white, and also tighten the skin.

In addition, some people become red and swollen after sunburn. Families with conditions can apply cucumber, loofah and balsam pear “three melon juice” to their faces after juicing, which can be regarded as a remedial measure after sunburn. Professor Wei explained that cucumber and balsam pear are cold in nature and mainly have the effect of clearing away heat and detoxifying. The dregs after juicing can also be “turned into treasure”. If your arm is sunburned by the sun, you can apply cucumber dregs on it. In addition to clearing heat and detoxifying, loofah can promote local blood circulation, and has the effect of rejuvenating and whitening.

I don’t know much about it, especially I don’t know anything about the beauty of medicinal diet. So today I’ll introduce you some soup that can moisturize your skin.

1. Women who are too busy and stressed

American ginseng Turtle – compared with ginseng, American ginseng is mild and suitable for more people to tonic, and it is suitable for all seasons. The tonic effect of turtle is well known. This soup is especially suitable for white-collar women who are busy and stressed. It can replenish qi and nourish yin, clear fire, remove annoyance and nourish stomach.

2. Women with poor sleep and dark skin

Cordyceps Laogui – drinking Cordyceps together with Laogui can strengthen the spleen, calm the mind and whiten the skin. It is a suitable tonic for white-collar women in all seasons.

Who doesn’t want fair and delicate skin? But in life, our skin is often difficult to get along with us, either with a black and red face or dark and pale. What should I do? If you change your diet properly, your skin may be greatly improved. What’s wrong with your skin? You should treat the symptoms.

3. Women with cough and shortness of breath in winter

Bawanghua spare ribs soup – clear fire, moisten lungs and replenish qi, can be eaten frequently.

4. Women with dry autumn and winter, hot lungs, cough and sputum

Boiled duck with Cordyceps – the main function is to replenish the lungs, benefit the kidneys, stop bleeding and remove phlegm. But traditional Chinese medicine stresses that duck meat is cool, so it is more suitable for summer consumption. However, it should be noted that people with deficiency of cold in the spleen and stomach and gastric ulcer had better not eat it, so as not to backfire.

5. Women with stress headache

Gastrodia elata pigeon soup – Gastrodia elata is especially good for headache, dizziness and numbness. Pigeons are rich in nutrition and have a smooth taste, so they are loved by female friends who use their brains excessively.

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