Menstrual whitening: are you doing it right? What foods can whiten

How to care for and whiten skin during menstruation is still more important for women. Looking at my dark skin, all I have left is sigh. I’m ok. Why isn’t my skin white? Indeed, there is a little relationship between black and white skin and heredity. It also depends on your efforts after tomorrow. If you know some ways to whiten the day after tomorrow, you won’t be afraid of black. Your aunt’s period is a good time to whiten. Girls who want to whiten must seize this opportunity to see which facial mask can whiten.

four whitening facial mask

milk + papaya

Materials: papaya and milk.

How to do it: after washing papaya, cut it into pieces, press it into juice, mix it with milk, and beat it into a mud. If it is too thin, you can add a little flour to make it look less thin. Use a small brush to coat the whole face, not the eyes. After applying it, wait a moment. After the paste on the face is dried, you can wash it off with water.

Efficacy: it can soften the cuticle on the face, and milk is good for the skin. If you use it regularly, it will make the skin thinner and smoother.

fresh fruit whitening facial mask

Materials: lemon, apple, banana, longan, egg.

How to do it: peel the fresh fruit you bought, press it into juice, open the egg as long as it is egg white, not egg yolk, add it to the juice and stir it into mud. You can paint your face with a brush or a small spoon. After painting, when the paste is dry, you can wash it off with water.

Efficacy: fruits have certain moisture, so applying them to your face can replenish water and whiten your skin.

tomato facial mask

Material: half of tomato, a little flour.

How to do it: first wash the tomatoes you bought, make them into juice, then add a little flour, stir them into a paste, put the paste on your face, and wash them off after drying.

Efficacy: make your skin more moisturized. If you are a big oilfield, this facial mask is more suitable. It can make your skin look less oily and make your skin more delicate and white.

carrot facial mask

Material: carrot + honey.

How to do it: wash the carrots and stir them into mud, pour them out, add some honey, make them into a paste, and then apply the prepared paste all over the face, not around the eyes. When the paste is dry, wash it with water.

Efficacy: it can whiten skin, replenish water and soften horniness.

Netizen: I am a big oilfield. What should I pay attention to in the selection of whitening products?

A: there are many skin care products for whitening, which should be selected according to your skin. For example, people with dry skin should start with moisturizing, and moisturizing is the first thing. So, when choosing, we should focus on moisturizing. Before going to bed, we can use face cream with water locking function to replenish nutrition for the skin, not only retain moisture but also whiten it. It is relatively simple for neutral skin. We don’t need to use whitening products specifically. After doing a good job in sunscreen, we can replenish water, For those with oily skin, oil control is the first step, and then water is replenished. When the skin has nutrition, it won’t worry about pore problems.

conclusion : whitening skin, everyone also needs timely care, and everyone needs to be responsible for their own skin. There are many whitening foods and products on the market. The above are the tips that Xiaobian introduced to make you white. Black girls, come and have a try. The effect is very good.

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