How to whiten skin? What are the skin care methods

Everyone knows how to have fair skin and how to take care of it. Of course, white skin is what many women want, but it requires people to pay a lot, except for those born with good skin. Especially for people born with black skin, this is a difficult problem. How much do you know about the quick Whitening Tips, how to whiten, and what foods to whiten?

How to make your skin white and tender is a difficult topic to learn, but it is also a good problem to solve. As long as the method is selected correctly, you will be surprised.

What are the tips for fast whitening?

milk facial washing

You can wash your face with milk before applying makeup. This has a good effect on removing dullness.

no makeup for six days

For women who are not easy to wear make-up, experience tells us that people who do not wear make-up on weekdays and occasionally wear it are easier to wear powder, because make-up will prevent skin pores from breathing anyway, making skin more prone to water shortage and roughness, so it is best to be an “ordinary” person within 6 days, apply lipstick, paint eyebrows and embellish them.

professional makeup techniques

First, overlap the two layers of cotton pads and fully soak them with moisturizing lotion. Then tap the skin surface and feel the breeze on your face. At this time, the pores will shrink, and the adhesion effect of foundation cream will be better. Apply appropriate amount of lotion to the cheeks and forehead after patting and wait for absorption. A simple foundation is ready.

face cream plus vitamin E

Add vitamin E to face cream, which has a good effect on wrinkles. If you find that the face cream is not moist enough, you can add a little vitamin E oil to face cream and apply it before going to bed. Because sleeping is a good time for the skin to rest, it is especially easy to absorb the nutrition of face cream, and vitamin E has the effect of reducing wrinkles. It is most suitable to use it one night before going to an appointment.

essential moisturizing facial mask before makeup

This has a good effect on moisturizing the skin. Apply a moisturizing facial mask once a day. By the fifth day, the moisture content of the skin should become more moisturized. Of course, a good moisturizing facial mask is very important.

radish juice to remove acne

It is unfortunate to have acne one day before an important date, but there are also emergency treatment methods: if you are not infected by bacteria, you can apply hydrogen peroxide to the acne, and the redness and swelling the next day should be improved. It is said that the treatment of acne with radish juice is also very effective. Grind the fresh radish skin into juice, apply it to the affected area, wash it with water after 15 minutes, and use it once in the morning and evening to detoxify acne and decompose fat.

lemon eye dressing

If you have bags under your eyes, as long as you use lemon, you can restore the “flatness” of your eyes. However, before applying, remember to immerse the lemon in water for a while, then cover the eyes with gauze, put two pieces of lemon and wait for 5 minutes.

what kind of food can whiten?


Fresh cherry contains sugar, protein β Carotene, iron and other rich nutrients. Iron can make people look ruddy, and β Both carotene and vitamin C are necessary for whitening skin. Eating more cherries can make skin really delicate and elastic!


Litchi contains sugar, protein, pectin, vitamin C, phosphorus, iron and so on. Vitamin C and iron are nutrients that make people have a white and red complexion. However, eating lychees is easy to get angry, so it is necessary to limit the amount of anger and acne prone beauties.


Guava is also a whitening fruit. It contains vitamins C, fructose, glucose and other nutrients. Vitamin C alone is several times that of other fruits. Beauty lovers can eat more.


The whitening effect of tomatoes is as good as the slimming effect. They are rich in vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, organic acids and proteins. Tomatoes also protect vitamin C, which can absorb a large amount of vitamin C and antioxidant. If you want to be a white beauty, it is right to eat more tomatoes every day.


Green vegetables contain vitamins A, C, e and protein, which are indispensable for whitening skin. Vegetables contain trace elements such as zinc and magnesium. Zinc can make people energetic; Magnesium can make people blush. Vegetables are also sacred for weight loss! More water is easy to feel full, fiber helps digestion, and you don’t need to worry about getting fat if you eat more.


According to the compendium of Materia Medica, peas have the effect of “removing darkness and brightening the face”. Modern studies have found that peas are rich in vitamin A, which can be converted into vitamin A in the body and play a role in moistening the skin.

white radish

Chinese medicine believes that white radish can “benefit the five internal organs and whiten the muscles”. The reason why white radish has this function is that it contains rich vitamin C. Vitamin C is an antioxidant, which can inhibit melanin synthesis, prevent fat oxidation and prevent lipofuscin deposition. Therefore, eating white radish often can make the skin white and delicate.

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